Short Straight by Dinger

Short Straight v1.1. Ride with the AirCav into X-Ray. Destroy an enemy concentration. Ride out.

Requires SEB NAM Pack 2 addon and Ia Drang valley map. SP mission. It can work as a 6-player MP coop, but bandwidth needs to be pretty high. I recommend a high-performance machine. Helo landing sequence eats a lot of FPS, but fortunately you’re not in much danger at the time. The helo extraction sequence is messy but it works. Sorry the outro is not glorious.

SEB NAM Pack 2 Crash warning: there is a crash bug in OFP that SEB NP2 exacerbates. You may encounter such troubles — especially if you leave your group and join the main assault. Should this happen, hit ctrl-alt-delete, alt-E and enter twice. Then wait a few minutes. Just be aware of this problem — don’t change your style because of it.

Download “ShortStraight.7z” ShortStraight.7z – Downloaded 240 times – 2 MB


Burning Dawn by LCD

You and your men are low on ammo; grabbing the last ammo and weapons you have, you start planning to raid an enemy post. The plan is that, after you steal weapons, you meet with some other squads and attack the big enemy base.

– This mission uses the createunit and deletevehicle commands. if you encouter any laging in the middle of the mission it meens that your enemies are created
– If you feel that the mission is to hard, you can always save
– This is a big mission. You will need strong computer to play it. i recomment 1.2 GHz + 256MB-ram+ 32MB-ram on your video card.
– There will be lag when the CoC mines detonate
– This mission is hard – only for experts

Required Addons: SEB Nam Pack 2, Editor Upgrade

– To Tigershark, Wolfsbane and now snYpir for best editing site (
– To BIS and Codemaster for this great game.
– To Trance K for help in mission ideas and Design – To Macguba for helping me with the breifing (any language problem is his fault).
– To Asmodeus, Sol Fire, Kaliyuga, EX_Grunt, Chudley, Mandible, macguba,PBA12511, KevBaz, ScouseJedi, ratpack91, Hawki, Cpt. Winters (for Testing and Constructive Feedback).
– To Z.K. for Art Designing

Download “BurningDawn.7z” BurningDawn.7z – Downloaded 263 times – 97 KB


Clear Water by DarkAngel

Lead your Special Forces A-Team across the Ia Drang river to locate a missing LSSC crew, and destroy the mortar site that sunk their vessel.

Required addons: SEB Nam Pack 2, AEON’s Nam Object Addon

Beta Testers:
Munk D

Thanks to:
The-Architect for constructive comments and Kuro for the OFPEC review – watch out for changes in v1.1.
Black_Feather for his scripting advice.
The SEB team for a fantastic MOD.
And, of course…OFPEC!

Download “Clearwater.7z” Clearwater.7z – Downloaded 232 times – 52 KB


Supa Smashin Namtastic by JoeKidds

As a soldier in the Air Cavalry on an morning patrol, make your way to LZ X-Ray and live to fight another day.

Supa Smashin Namtastic SP or 1-12 Coop mission for the SEB Nam Pack 2 by JoeKidds

SEB Nam Pack 2 (duh)
Inquisitors NAM One One Three Addon
My Nam Enhancement pack to work which v1.3 is included in the .zip

I didnt quite know what to name it so I named it off of this mission for this old game Cannon Fodder. But Cannon Fodder was pretty cool, it was for SNES and computer, you would go around and blow up stuff. Cool Nam game.

Missions includes Briefing and Overview with custom pic and has radio messages in game and voices by me.

I recommend you play this Coop so you can change you gear to your likings and be the leader so your squad doesnt get worked!

For the outro when you win I tried to make it so it would fade out at the end but I couldnt get it to. If you know how please email me and tell me how.

It at any reason you think you cant make it you can surrender, but you still might not make it…

Any bugs or anything just contact me.

Download “namtastic_v17b.7z” namtastic_v17b.7z – Downloaded 239 times –


Blood Oath by MilitiaSniper

“BLOOD OATH” A WHAT IF… Mini Campaign of WWII By: MilitiaSniper

This mission is based on an idea that was taken from the movie, “PATTON” and other accounts. Gen. Patton and the British wanted to re-arm the German military after the fall of Berlin. The Brits, Americans, & the Germans would fight the Russians. To push the Russians of Germany and to put an end to communism. Well here is the What If.., first mission. I will be making a first mission for the Russian side of this What If.., Mini Campaign.

I am looking for help. Just a few decent mission makers!

Required Addons:
Liberation Mod 1941 – 1945
U.S. 101st
U.S. Weapons
Winter Nogova

I would like to give thanks to the following!
CJE: For the nice island.
Vibes: For the Weapon Pack.
WWIIEC: For the 101st.
Lib. Mod 41-45: For the really nice Mod!
OFP.INFO: For being a really GREAT site that promotes the OFP Community!
Last but no least.., YOU! for giving this a try! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Sincerely, MilitiaSniper

Download “Blood_Oath.7z” Blood_Oath.7z – Downloaded 225 times – 190 KB

Operation Rattlesnake by Gruntage

Single player mission for Operation Flashpoint. Built and tested in version 1.96.

Fairly short mission. Can be played in both cadet and veteran mode. There are no player waypoints at all in this mission.

Background: The Russians currently hold the north of Malden, and the US have entrenched themselves in the south. The Russians have placed numerous AA defenses in the village of Houdan. Your team’s task is to eliminate them.

Features: Quite a few unique and special features were incorporated into this mission, such as a difficulty choice UI, the ability to coordinate the operation directly, as well as a UAV screen which I made myself.

Bugs/Issues: The old bugs that were caused mainly by the zodiac have been removed (because the zodiac barely plays a part in the mission now). There shouldn’t be any bugs at all, but it’s difficult to gauge what the player might run into.

Reason for making the mission: I’ve never particularly liked lengthy missions, so for the last year or so I’ve been making a selection of short missions, similar to those made by BIS. Operation Rattlesnake is the best mission I’ve made so far, and I’ve incorporated many of the special features that I’ve perfected over last few months into the mission.

Required addons: FOX2 Zodiac, SFP_Gbat, Editor Upgrade 103. Included in mission download 🙁

Download “Operation_Rattlesnake_v2.1_Final.7z” Operation_Rattlesnake_v2.1_Final.7z – Downloaded 772 times – 13 MB