Crazy Canuck Campaign

Fight 1-77th Armor and 2-3rd Infantry as they thrust into the Syrian town of Al Hasakah: the converted Canadian campaign using US army units. ‘Tis the last one of the converted campaigns and probably the most difficult indeed as dense urban area and restricted road paths plus numerous IEDs really limits the exertion of firepower… Victory instead heavily relies on skill, tactics and cooperation of the dismounted infantry squads.

Campaign progression is linear with the toughest scenarios chosen, with bumped up refit/repair chance. Core units file, script and individual scenarios are included for editing as usual.

Download “Crazy_Canuck_Campaign.7z” Crazy_Canuck_Campaign.7z – Downloaded 159 times – 31 MB

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Counterattack Near Dafniya

This scenario is designed to be played from the perspective of Pro-Gaddafi forces. It is set on the old Misrata front, in the vicinity of the village of Dafniya. Gaddafi forces are taking advantage of a gap in Nato air cover to launch an attack against rebel forces and forestall their advance.

The fighting takes place on fertile agricultaral land. The claustrophobic, close in fighting outside of an urban environment is probably more typical of CMBN than Shock Force. The forces under your command are a mixture of regular and irregular infantry supported by technicals and some armour.

Download “Counterattack-Near-Dafniya.7z” Counterattack-Near-Dafniya.7z – Downloaded 143 times – 1 MB

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Canadian LAVIII Platoon Hasty Attack

A Canadian LAVIII platoon under its way to a presence patrol comes under fire from a village. A hasty attack is due.

You are playing V0.9 of this scenario. This scenario will be updated depending on the amount of downloads and feedback that I receive. Known issue at the time of release is scoring not really balanced.

Required: NATO Module

Comments/Suggestions/Feedback at

Download “NATO-LAVIII-Platoon-Hasty-Attack-V0_9.7z” NATO-LAVIII-Platoon-Hasty-Attack-V0_9.7z – Downloaded 184 times – 1 MB

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Zawiya Uprising

March 2011… The Libyan Civil War begins… The residents of the City of Zawiya, 30 miles west of Tripoli, start to fight against the Gaddafi Regime… They take control over the City… Will they make an assault directly towards the capital?… The Government Forces are sent to end the uprising… YOU are the commander of the Green Forces… Will you succeed and recapture Zawiya?

This is my new Red vs Red Campaign. You need the NATO-Module to play this one. Very useful for playing is MORD´S Civil War Mod.

Download “Zawiya-Uprising.7z” Zawiya-Uprising.7z – Downloaded 164 times – 6 MB

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A Helluva Road Opening v2

That V2 scenario, Blue playable with the Marines and Nato modules, has new setup improvements that will allow the move of the units, to cover either side of the MSR at Johnson airbase. The ANA mounted on Zil’s trucks, may use also MTVR and two small German teams consisting of Marders and of a Fenneck is deployed.

For the rest that scenario, is taking in account some tactical issues that have been encountered in the past and present years battles in Afghanistan. For obvious reason all the names of the geographic locations and of Red and Blue units that had been involved are not real.

The AO is presently unstable and besides Johnson airport, still not reopen and the Nira Dam FOB and OP that we control, all around is Indian Country The Nira MSR is open every three days, in the morning by the 3rd and 4th Platoons / B Co of the ANA 4th battalion in order to resupply the NIRA FOB and its OP manned by the 2nd Platoon. After a near miss on an Apache last week, theirs assistance in providing security during the road opening has been denied ever since. We have no intelligence on the Mujhadeens groups which seem to have infiltrate in fair numbers since the last 2 weeks in the vicinity of the hamlets of Sidi Bou Saïd, Al Farouk and Hassan.

Our forces are made of the ANA B Co / 4th battalion “Suliman” 3 Rifles platoons, HMG and MG section being beefed up with “Dare devil” 3rd Regt, comprising a scout platoon “ hawkeyes”, 2nd, 3rd Rifles and 4th Weapon MGS platoons, B Co (-) “Tiger” 2nd Battalion with “Havock” 2 X 81mm mortars in support and Fire Base “Rosario” 4 X 120mm mortars The ANA has on loan a platoon of 4 MTVR from the Marines 2nd Platoon. “Tiger” 2nd platoon has its Strykers unavailable due to the fitting of new up armoured kits for the next 2 weeks. A German ISAF team consisting of 3 Marders from 2nd Plt / 1st Co / 4th battlegroup (one is being repaired and won’t be available) and a Fenneck from 1st Plt Aufklärung CO have been sent to us for familiarization with our tactics and can assist the ANA in the road opening.

To be only played Blue against red A.I with CMSF – USMC & NATO Modules – V1.31 However a H to H can be played, considering that the Red setup can not be changed. Designer : Gregory KELLER “Snake eye” 04/29/2011 – Your much needed comments and advices on

Download “A-helluva-road-opening-2.7z” A-helluva-road-opening-2.7z – Downloaded 158 times – 1 MB

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Warriors in the Sands by bardosy

Warriors in the Sands by bardosy v1.0, Campaign for Combat Mission Shock Force: British Forces

The Invasion of Syria is begun. The main strike force is the US Task Force Thunder coming from the East (Iraq). Diversion strikes are provided by US Marines, attacking from the sea and moving inland from the West. A second American strike force (Task Force Narwick) is driving down hard from the North (Turkey) and we are… the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment, 1st Battalion. We are also launching from Turkey, but we’ll advance from West to East, in parallel with the Marines.

This is a mini-campaign by 7 missions and you are the commander of a British Battalion. As the campaign name suggested, your force’s backbone is the Warrior IFV supported infantry.

The upcoming terrain is very diverse: narrow passes, hills with forest, desert, villages and high density urban areas. We have to be prepared to face any and all contingencies.

There are two version of the campaign in this zip file:
* UK Warriors in the Sands, is a pure British version. You don’t need any other extension.
* UKUSMC Warriors in the Sands, is a Marine version. You need both British Forces and Marine modules. (there are no USMC units in the campaign, but you can fight with Syrian Airborne troops in this version).

Install: copy the cam files into your CMSF/Campaigns folder (eg.: C:\Games\Combat Mission Shock Force\Game Files\Campaigns)

The campaign (and the missions) designed by bardosy, using actual satelite images from Google Maps.
The briefings was reworked by handihoc.

Thanks to the Beta testers: Souldierz, PaperTiger, BlackMoria.

Special thanks to handihoc, who tried to keep the mood in British.


Download “Warriors_in_the_Sands_v1.0.7z” Warriors_in_the_Sands_v1.0.7z – Downloaded 163 times – 7 MB

Source The Scenario Depot III

Op Minimise by Combatintman


This is a fictional but representative depiction of the hard choices and severe constraints faced by small units operating in Helmand Province Afghanistan in the early iterations of the British presence there. The map is of real terrain in the area indicated by the mapping. My motives for putting this together were, apart from paying tribute to the brave men and women who served in that dangerous place, to design a short but fun and challenging mission. It is easy to win but really you should strive for a Total Victory to do it justice. I hope you enjoy it. This scenario requires the CMSF British Forces Module.

Download “Op_MINIMISE.7z” Op_MINIMISE.7z – Downloaded 225 times – 1 MB

Source The Scenario Depot III

All the Way


The fourth mission from the campaign Task Force Panther, adapted for single mission play. A PDF file is included in the downloaded. Read it to supplement the breifing information.

Play as Blue vs. AI.

Download “TPF4-All-The-Way.7z” TPF4-All-The-Way.7z – Downloaded 152 times – 2 MB

Source The Scenario Depot III

Assault on Latakia Airport v17


The background story of the scenario is the one of the stock game. It’ s 2007, Assad handed over chemical weapons to terrorists, the terrorists attacked Western cities, the Coalition attacks Syria, you know the story. The Marines landed south of Latakia and are now pushing North-East. In their way lays the the city of Latakia, with its airport, a vital part of the local infrastructure. Will the Marines capture it intact or will the bad guys prevail and either fend the Americans off or force them to destroy the airport? You decide!

Type: Blue vs. Red AI
Map size: about 3,5km²
Unit size: Company sized bloue Task Force vs. a about a Battalion(+)of Syrian mechnized infantry + tanks.
Length: 150 turn (2h 30 mins)
Requirements: CMSF + Marines

Download “Assault-on-Latakia-Airport.7z” Assault-on-Latakia-Airport.7z – Downloaded 157 times – 2 MB

Source The Scenario Depot III