High Value Package

An LRS platoon escorts a high value double spy back for debrief. The team is further enhanced with two sniper teams, a MMG team and two (2) HMG Humvees. The unit is stationed in a small village behind lines waiting for extraction when they are told that sections of a Russian Motor Rifle Battalion will be upon them in the next few minutes presumably intending to strike a double blow: Kill the spy and exterminate an elite US unit. The only AT assets available are some launchers in the Humvees. Use them wisely. The best the HQ can do to help is to send 2 Apaches estimated to be available after 15 minutes. Try not to loose more than 40% of the LRS platoon and keep the spy alive.

1) The spy is represented by the UKR Air Controller
2) To be played as Blue vs AI only
3) Best played in Real Time

by Euri

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Source The Scenario Depot III

Escalation of Violence

My first attempt at a scenario

As the U.S. offensive pauses to consolidate its gains, supplies are delivered to frontline units. After the disappearance of a supply convoy in a supposedly “quiet” sector, 1st Squadron 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment is tasked with locating the convoy and determining its status. The convoy was moving along a route set aside for the later passage of “A” Company 1st Battalion 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team as it prepares for a spoiling attack against a possible Russian counterattack. It is imperative that this route is clear.

by Eric Scheidemann (czarejs)

Download “Escalation_of_Violence.7z” Escalation_of_Violence.7z – Downloaded 491 times – 1 MB

Source battlefront.com repository

Donetsk Bypass

Single player, Ukraine human vs Russian AI. Night time.

Ukraine side: 1 platoon recon at start, 1 x T-64 and 2 x BMPs reinforcements at 25 minutes.

Russian side: reinforced infantry company, dismounted.

The Ukrainian Army has to stop Russian infiltration through a bypass south of Donetsk.

Download “Donetsk_Bypass.7z” Donetsk_Bypass.7z – Downloaded 459 times – 1 MB

Source battlefront.com repository

Lights, Camera and Action

Lights, Camera & Action is a large scenario used by Bil and Scott for the Official Black Sea AAR.

This scenario is best played Head to head but it does have Red and Blue AI plans for solo players.

A wide variety of troops are present at about a reinforced Battalion per side.

Blue are counter attacking to relieve the troops trapped in the town of Krichek while the Red forces are attempting to destroy the trapped Blue force while holding off the relief force.

Good Luck

Stephen Hilla

Download “Lights_Camera_and_Action.7z” Lights_Camera_and_Action.7z – Downloaded 438 times – 1 MB

Source battlefront.com repository

AD Night Jump

The war everyone feared has finally come. Russian tank units are flooding into Ukraine, and the combined UKR and NATO forces in Europe are not enough to stop them. The best NATO generals can do is stem the tide until armored divisions from the US can arrive on the continent. The XVIII Airborne Corps is dropped all over Ukraine in a desperate attempt to stop the Russians wherever they can. Your division, the 82nd Airborne, is dropped near Kherson to help defend the southern route to Odessa.

Your battalion’s objective is a large grain elevator, a veritable mountain in the flat sea of steppe, able to observe critical avenues of approach for miles. The infantry company you command has its DZs closest to this objective and as you exit the plane into the cold night sky, the angry tracers racing up at you from the buildings surrounding the grain elevator reveals the enemy has gotten there first… BLUFOR vs AI only.

by SeinfeldRules

Download “AD_Night_Jump.7z” AD_Night_Jump.7z – Downloaded 379 times – 461 KB

Source The Scenario Depot III

AD Myrne Roadblock

The front line in the war for Ukraine has stabilized. As the two sides rebuild, combat patrols cause trouble on both sides.

In a NATO salient in the Russian lines, enemy forces have been continually cutting the Main Supply Route with platoon and company sized elements. For the past several weeks, your air assault infantry company has been tasked with clearing these roadblocks, using your high mobility to quickly reach trouble areas.

This morning, infantry with several BMPs in support infiltrated through the gaps in our lines and occupied the village of Myrne, which sits astride the MSR. Your company was assembled and flown into an area north of the village. Take your force and clear Myrne of the enemy.

by SeinfeldRules

Download “AD_Myrne_Roadblock.7z” AD_Myrne_Roadblock.7z – Downloaded 331 times – 425 KB

Source The Scenario Depot III