Stagler’s Afghanistan QB Map Pack

A selection of all my QB maps made for Combat Mission Afghanistan. It includes 2 Small,5 Medium, and 1 Large map, set mostly in rural Afghan surroundings, although there are some high altitude mountain maps. 8 maps in total.

Anyone has permission to use these if they want to make a scenario or campaign, just credit me, thanks.


Download “Staglers-CMA-QB-Mappack.7z” Staglers-CMA-QB-Mappack.7z – Downloaded 248 times – 788 KB

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CMA Snowy Village

CMA Scenario: Soviet attack on a snow village. 35 minutes. Play only Red vs AI.

Put the file in the Campaign folder: this is not a real campaign, but only a scenario that uses the capabilities of the campaign to permit the presence of two different options.

Download “CMA_Snowy_village_v1.7z” CMA_Snowy_village_v1.7z – Downloaded 249 times – 1 MB

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Major Nosovs Brigade

Major Nosov’s Brigade – (Allies vs AI)

This campaign consists of a group of scenarios that reflect the first three months of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan at the end of 1979.

The scenarios are fictional and involve units of the 56th Air Attack Brigade along with support units of the 36th Air Corp. They cover an area (corridor) from Kabul in the Northeast to Kandahar to the Southwest.

There are seven scenarios in the campaign, though depending on the outcomes of battles you can play anywhere from 3 to 6 of them. Replay ability is very high in that there are multiple AI plans for each scenario.

Also there is multiple ‘paths’ within the campaign (see website for a diagram) You may only play this campaign as Red vs AI. In the future the scenarios may be modified and released for H2H play.

Download “Major_Nosovs_Brigade.7z” Major_Nosovs_Brigade.7z – Downloaded 410 times – 7 MB

Source Fredrocker’s Combat Mission Site

Salang Blues by Dzanic

Since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, a major problem has always been the poor infrastructure. This meant that during the invasion, supplies had to be brought in from the Soviet Union by road or air. Especially the convoys carrying these supplies were vulnerable and an important factor for the Soviet presence.

This is where you come in. You have just recently trained a local rebel group in combat. Use them now and do your work to wreak havoc and terror among the communist forces!

This is a large campaign (up to 13 varying battles) based on the Salang Pass from the Mujahideen point of view. You will start in February 1980 by organizing resistance and carrying out sporadic attacks against Soviet convoys on this route. With time you will learn more and more about the capabilities of the enemy and your own troops

Sorry for the delay. I have checked this campaign carefully and hope that everything works as it is intended to do. If you think something might be bad then just report it back and I will take a closer look at that problem.

The purpose of this campaign is to entairtain and educate you about the war in Afghanistan. Enjoy!


Download “Salang-Blues.7z” Salang-Blues.7z – Downloaded 576 times – 18 MB

Source The Scenario Depot III

Competent Incompetence by Dzanic

Back to Afghanistan!

The Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev ordered a withdrawal of Soviet forces in 1985 and the replacement of these troops by the Afghan army. The Soviet forces will oversee and train Afghani units in cooperation, logistical management and increase the effectiveness of its combat abilities. Be warned that the Afghan army is in poor morale and requires a constant observation to keep the motivation, morale and discipline at an acceptable level. Maybe you can teach them to fight better and lead them to victory against the Mujahideen?

This campaign is based on 3 different maps that are altered in different ways to simulate a 2-day battle with a night-day circulation. If you win you may move to fight the mujahideen in the mountains. If you loose you might find yourself defending your HQ at Shabnam Village. You will be able to fight up to six battles depending on how well you lead your forces.

Note that not all features that I (the author) wished to include are represented. The initial plan was to have a very large battlefield with day-night circulation, real bridges, reinforcements depending on how well you do, amphibious vehicles, weather, active logistical support, wrecks and craters transferred to the next battle and so on. It has been quite frustrating to bypass these missing pieces but I still hope that my creativity to solve these problems is acceptable.

I hope you enjoy this campaign!


Download “Competent-Incompetence.7z” Competent-Incompetence.7z – Downloaded 367 times – 6 MB

Source The Scenario Depot III