Under African Skies 2017 by Feltan

The date of the event was Sunday, January 22, 2017. The time was 1:03 PM on the East Coast of the United States. The new American President had been sworn into office forty-eight hours ago, and this day he was in the White House with VIP guests, donors, campaign staff, family and friends. This privileged group, like tens of millions of Americans that day, is glued to the big screen television. Today is the highly anticipated American Football Conference Championship; the semi-final before the Super Bowl. The much hyped game was between the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens, and kick-off at Mile High Stadium in Denver just happened to the cheers of these elite party goers. The smart money said Denver would walk away with an easy victory – and since the new President hailed from Colorado, no one at the White House was wearing a Raven’s jersey. No one, that is, except the Senate Minority Leader who was from the opposing political party. It was all great fun. Spirits were high, the beer was flowing and the White House Chief of Staff couldn’t have been happier with the electric atmosphere and upbeat photo ops that could only benefit his new boss. Little did anyone know that before half-time arrived, the country would forever be changed.

The war didn’t start with a Weapon of Mass Destruction. In fact, the attack wasn’t high tech at all; it was decidedly low tech – almost antique. Specifically, what the media would come to refer to as the “weapons package” was a Soviet WWII era M1937 82mm mortar with twelve rounds of ammunition. Later investigation would show that the weapon was a veteran of WWII, and it left the Soviet Union in the 1960’s and made its way to one of the many African conflicts. It sat collecting dust in an African armory for what appears to be decades. Accountability on the mortar was lost years ago. No one cared. It was over 75 years old. The weapon type and ammunition could be purchased on the international weapons market for about $1500 (U.S.). The entire weapons package could easily fit, if disassembled, into the trunk of a mid-size rental car.

The first round plunged into Mile High Stadium in the middle of the second quarter. The round sailed over tens of millions of dollars worth of metal detectors, radiation detectors, explosive detection machines, video cameras, facial recognition software, terrorist data bases, drug and explosive sniffing dogs, and hundreds of security personnel. On live national television it impacted about five meters from the Raven’s offensive huddle. The second round landed in the Bronco’s bench area before stunned broadcasters could stop the live television feed. The mortar attack lasted two minutes with a dozen rounds landing on the field, sidelines and seating areas.

What wasn’t captured on live television made its way to You Tube by evening. Over seventy-five thousand screaming spectators stampeded for the exits. Hundreds were injured and dozens killed in the panicked human exodus. Waiting outside at a secluded distance were a half-dozen terrorists with fifty year old Draganov SVD semi-automatic sniper rifles. Within an hour it was over. All ten terrorists, five men and five women, were killed in gun battles. Civilian fatalities topped 200 with another 1000 injured and hospitalized. The Super Bowl was cancelled.

The investigation proceeded rapidly; the clues and leads were numerous. All ten terrorists were black, and they were all dressed in formal business attire. They had entered the U.S. within the last two weeks on valid tourist visas wearing the same clothes they were killed in. They entered the U.S. as married couples at five different airports. The weapons package and sniper rifles were waiting for them; it was suspected they had come across the southern border a month previous. The people and the equipment all originated from the same country – the country formerly known as Nigeria.

Nigeria no longer existed as a nation-state. The unbelievably corrupt kleptocracy that had governed Nigeria fell like a house of cards in 2015. A reinforced and externally funded Boko Haram rolled over successive government strongholds and garrisons. Moving North to South, the tempo of operations accelerated during the year until Nigerian government forces were in a full route. Key government figures and military leaders fled the nation with their loot; soldiers threw down their weapons, and resistance to Boko Haram collapsed before the end of the calendar year.

Supported by both Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL, 2016 would be a year of displacement and unbelievable suffering for the people of Nigeria. The world looked on in horror as Nigerian Christians fled for their lives. Those unable to flee the country were forced to convert to Islam, or hacked to death, or crucified, or beheaded. The lucky ones were simply shot. The political entity of Nigeria was replaced by a new country: the Caliphate of West Africa, or CWA.

The year 2016 would also see another player enter the stage. China would operate the highly lucrative oil fields in the Niger River delta for the CWA. They would also buy, in hard currency, the entire output of these oil fields. This was an uneasy alliance at best. China needed the oil, but was highly distrustful of the CWA. The CWA hated the infidel Chinese, but needed their money, technical expertise, weapons and political cover. It was long suspected by Western Intelligence agencies that the source of external funding for Boko Haram had been the Chinese Yuan, and that this deal was long in the making.

Sunday, 22 January 2017 was not only a horrific day for the United States, but for other Western nations as well. In France, three privately owned corporate jets laden with explosives would attack Paris in what became known as France’s 9/11. The first jet hit the Louvre, and destroyed priceless works of art and treasures of the entire human family. The second jet, for reasons unknown, crashed into a nondescript residential area. The third jet hit the Eiffel Tower, and caused the iconic symbol of France to topple into a heap of tangled steel. The national psyche of France was not broken nor even substantially wounded by this attack; rather, it was deeply and fundamentally outraged. A new and ultra jingoistic France was not out for justice, it was out for revenge.

The British had two strokes of luck that saved them. First, the terrorists delayed attacking until the next morning in order to maximize casualties – thus allowing the now alerted U.K. to bring the full force of its security apparatus to bear. Second, a young member of the terrorist advance team was apprehended for unrelated charges, and he unwittingly compromised the terrorist plot in an attempt to negotiate his way out of prosecution. The ten terrorists in London would all be killed long before the aerosolized VX persistent nerve agent in their backpacks could be released into congested London underground stations. However, scandal is eventually expected to erupt in the U.K. The terrorist who compromised the plot also provided information that suggests the highly toxic and very illegal VX originated from the MoD facility at Porton Down.

That last full week of January 2017 was reserved for mourning, recovery, anger, investigation and diplomatic action. The ineptness and ineffectiveness of the United Nations was, yet again, laid bare for all to see. Islamic nations flooded the agenda with issues meant to distract; however, it was China that bottled things up on the Security Council. By Friday of that week, the most that could be mustered was a watered down and very week U.N. resolution stating that the terrorist acts were a regrettable event. The West was not the least bit amused by China’s stoic intransigence.

On that last weekend of the month, the U.S. Congress was ordered into emergency session. On Monday, 30 January 2017 the President of the United States, who had been in office just over a week, stood before a televised joint session of Congress. In an event that had not been repeated since 8 December 1941, the President asked for, and received, a formal Congressional Declaration of War against the CWA.

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Northern Fury 13.1 Shoulder to Shoulder by Gunner98

OK this one might need to be broken in half or even into 3 scenarios but since the game engine can now handle scenarios of this size – can you?

It runs at about 3600 AU and is pulsing at 50-70ms with some decent A2A combat going on.

This is not complete, need to add in a few more Soviet subs & missile boats, not many events yet.

This scenario skips ahead a bit and focuses on the ‘Return to Norway’ series:

Strike Fleet Atlantic (STRIKFLTLANT) has now completed the first phase of the counter attack in the Atlantic. Fighting on Iceland continues but 2 MEF believes that they will have the island clear within the week. However, a new Soviet offensive in Norway has unhinged NATO plans for a pause between operations. In the past 72 hours’ Soviet forces in Division strength have breached the Trollheimen mountains, the last significant barrier on the approach to Oslo. With Berlin and Copenhagen in Russian hands, and the Norwegian army in tatters the North Atlantic Council (NAC) does not want a third capital city to fall. You, as Commander STRIKFLTLANT have been directed to use all of your available combat power to stop their offensive and to set up the conditions for upcoming amphibious operations in central Norway.

This scenario is playable by NATO:

You have significant force at your disposal, and initiated movement 2 days ago upon receiving direction from SHAPE to conduct this operation. By acting quickly, you hope to catch the Soviet forces off balance. You intend to hold them in the south while you attack from the west. Time however is not your friend, and the Soviets are a lot closer to Oslo than you are!

As always I look forward to your comments and critique. A new and updated background document is also included


Download “Northern_Fury_13.1_Shoulder_to_Shoulder_v1.4.7z” Northern_Fury_13.1_Shoulder_to_Shoulder_v1.4.7z – Downloaded 434 times – 2 MB

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Breach and Clear by DismalPseudoscience

China’s ASBM force poses a serious threat to carriers operating in the SCS and the vicinity of Taiwan. Global Strike Command is called upon to eliminate this threat.

Full scale war has broken out between the United States and China. In order to defeat China’s doctrine of area denial, a safe path must be cleared for American carrier groups to operate in the waters near China. This requires the neutralization of the greater part of China’s ASBM force, which could otherwise overwhelm any one carrier group’s defenses.

To this end, several flights of Global Strike Command bombers have been dispatched from Andersen AFB to penetrate Chinese air space, locate the ASBM launchers, and destroy them.

Please find attached a new scenario depicting an American strategic attack on the Chinese mainland to neutralize their ASBM forces. My play-testing suggests that this is extremely difficult but still kind-of feasible, if one is cautious.

There are six zones marked with reference points for you to hunt enemy ASBM launchers in. Some are much better protected than others, and you don’t need to hit them all to win.

Two tips to note before you start: first, be very mindful of the enemy radar detection radii. Second, note that the S-400 doesn’t need to illuminate and reveal itself in order to shoot at you.

Good luck! I hope you have challenging fun – please let me know your comments and how you fare.

Download “Breach_and_Clear_v2.7z” Breach_and_Clear_v2.7z – Downloaded 333 times – 209 KB

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Save the Day by Kevinkin

Scenario: “Save the Day”
Date: September 11th, 2017
Location: Approaches to the Suez Canal
Playable Sides: United States Navy

11 September 2017. The Islamic terrorist group ISIS has splintered under military and economic pressure into several factions. While newer members are hiding in what remains of northern Syria, a militant group calling themselves “Allah’s Fire” has caused world concern since the beginning of the summer. Intel reports and never ending “chatter” have indicated no particular concern this morning until stuff hit the fan a 0630. Reports hint at a major operation centered on the area around the Suez Canal and Israel.

Download “Save_the_DayB1Fix.7z” Save_the_DayB1Fix.7z – Downloaded 305 times – 143 KB

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Caspian Darts by Kevinkin

Caspian Darts

Location: The skies over Anatolia and the Caspian Sea
Date/Time: October 25, 2017 0900 Hours
Playable Sides: USA (elements USAF and USN)

The Caspian holds large energy resources both tapped and under development. Territorial claims and ambiguities fester among the nations bordering the inland sea. Russia’s modernized Caspian flotilla announced another “Flash Exercise” that began roughly 3 hours ago. NATO is on alert. The USN has a small group of observers on the Caspian shore in Azerbaijan. Russian backed rebels are shelling the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. Remain flexible and await developments as they unfold via in-game messages.

Avoid spoilers: Please send feedback to kevinkin@comcast.net. Thanks.

Download “CaspianDartsB1.7z” CaspianDartsB1.7z – Downloaded 314 times – 181 KB

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Sink the Kuznetsov by ExNusquam

Inspired by the discussion here: http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=4170340

I went and built the “near to Syria” scenario. This features the George Washinton CVG vs. Russian assets in Sryia. US VLS loadouts are inspired by various documents suggesting loadout optimization. Kuznetsov air group based on known production numbers and historical deployments. Bassel Al Assad air group and SAM locations are not perfect, based on the limited (and mostly Pro-Russian) open sources. I did not add a CDCM system in Syria for two reasons: a) I haven’t seen anything naming specific systems and numbers, and b) the Russians would have a pain targeting it anyway.

On load, the scenario will randomly select several things.

Offensive/Defensive Posture: This determines how the Russians have most of the MiG-29Ks and some of the Su-35s loaded. If they are Offensive, they will be loaded for ASuW work against the carrier. If they are Defensive, they will be loaded for AAW and there will be an additional CAP on station. A dialog box will let you know what has been selected.

Strikes In Syria: The scenario will extend the No-Navigation zone to cover all of Syria if you are not authorized to strike Russian assets in Syria (for reasons or whatever).

The scenario will end 18 hours after hostilities start. I figure the Russians would threaten to escalate to the Baltics pretty quick, and therefore the US probably attempt to de-escalate quickly.

Test out those strategies! Feedback is always welcome.

Download “SinktheKuznetsov.7z” SinktheKuznetsov.7z – Downloaded 562 times – 145 KB

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The Longest Battle by Gunner98

Here is an experiment in long scenarios – and unfortunately Scenario creep got the better of me. In a nutshell, you are in charge of convoy operations in the North and to a much lesser extent South Atlantic. You have significant forces at your disposal but also some rather unique challenges. A few points:
• I was not intending to build this scenario, simply use the story as background for the rest of the campaign. Now that I have, I think it works
• The scenario 38 days long and probably the closest to WITP-AE that I’ve seen. Its not for the faint of heart
• The game seems to run smoothly with it, AU count is about 2800, at one point the Pathfinder que had 27 paths being worked, and I was getting between 2-600ms on 30x time compression – not bad!
• There are two pre-amble Caribbean Fury scenarios that are only in outline form. When I saw Feltan’s Havana Daydreaming, I put them aside. Couldn’t compete. But I’ll have to build them now to complete the story.
• There are a lot of unique units and moving parts, some might say – ‘but that unit disbanded in 91 and this is 94!’ Remember that this is an alternate history and it started diverging from reality in 89 and to a greater extent in 91. Sit back and enjoy trying to merge F-18s, F-4s and A-4s into a coordinated attack :-0
• The scenario is not finished. Things that will be improved:
o Changeable weather
o Currently the game checks for random spawning every hour, have requested a change to the trigger that would extend that. So many of the spawns have only a 2-4% chance of actually triggering.
o Ammo fixed at the piers, it’s a bit hit & miss at the moment
o Argentina will be more of a problem
o Nigeria is going to be a PITA
o More direction and challenge with Cuba
o There will be a few more surprises for Gt’moe and the Panama Canal zone
o Daily sitreps
o The AO/AOR fleet passing through from time to time to lend a hand and need protection
o Damaged ships from the fight around Iceland and Norway coming through needing protection and docking space
o Spawning Soviet subs: there are almost 50 of them out there but I suspect that they will be attrited quite quickly so will need to re-spawn some of them.

I look forward to your comments and critiques. Enjoy.

Download “Northern_Fury_12.6_The_Longest_Battle_v1.2.7z” Northern_Fury_12.6_The_Longest_Battle_v1.2.7z – Downloaded 350 times – 1 MB

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Frigate Duel in the Scotia Sea, 2023 by Mgellis

Scenario by Mgellis

This is a small scenario that features an intelligence-gathering mission. Your real goal is to avoid combat. It also features a modified LCS as a next generation Argentine fast frigate.

Please let me know what you think. Among other things, I am curious if I am getting the Executive Officer right. At various points, he advises the player (the Captain of the Kent) on what needs to be done. Would an XO actually talk this way to his commanding officer or should I rephrase things? Any other recommendations for the way messages are set up–does it give the right information at the right time, etc.?

Download “Frigate_Duel_in_the_Scotia_Sea_2023.7z” Frigate_Duel_in_the_Scotia_Sea_2023.7z – Downloaded 271 times – 22 KB

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Northern Fury 11.6 ‘Out on a Limb’ by Gunner98

OK guys, this one is a little out of sequence. I’m going to wait for a while before I build the amphibious scenarios and this one takes place right after those – but about 12 days before ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’. It’s a tough one as well.

You, as Commander of the USS Eisenhower CVBG have been directed to position yourself between Norway and Iceland to ensure there is no Soviet interference with the ongoing operations to seize the Island and establish a firm base for upcoming operations.

Next on the work list is to fill in the scenarios between this one and ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’.

As always, am very interested in your comments and critiques.


Download “Northern_Fury_11.6_Out_on_a_Limb_v1.1.7z” Northern_Fury_11.6_Out_on_a_Limb_v1.1.7z – Downloaded 302 times – 532 KB

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