The Bridge at Alfeld, 1988 by Vettim89

Based on Chapters 29-30 from Red Storm Rising. The Sovs are forcing the Liene and they mean business! Can you as Commander of a special Air Task Force knock the bridges down and keep them down? This is a dynamic scenario where the NATO player gets reinforced as the situation grows more desperate. Oh, and yes, the Sovs will rebuild the bridges if you knock them down to don’t be happy if you are successful the first time

Featuring the 112th TFS/180th TFW Ohio ANG based at Toledo Express Airport – i.e., my home town boys. They are flying SLUFFs

Download “The_Bridge_at_Alfeld_1988.7z” The_Bridge_at_Alfeld_1988.7z – Downloaded 211 times – 92 KB

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Disproportional Response by Kevinkin

Location: The skies of Western Europe
Date/Time: October 16, 2017 2200 Hours
Playable Sides: USAF (NATO-USA Leads)
EDIT: Please see use BETA 2 Below

Kaliningrad is both a city and an oblast in the Russian Federation locked between Poland, Lithuania, and the Baltic Sea. Before it was annexed by the USSR after World War II, the area was part of the unified German state called East Prussia. Its capital was the classic medieval city, Konigsberg. Today, Kaliningrad is a time capsule of the decaying former Soviet Union. But its position is a thorn in the side of NATO and any defense of the Baltic. Russia created an anti-access/area denial ‘bubble’ (A2/AD) with Kaliningrad at the center. Recently. they installed upgraded S-400 SAMs to increase the range and effectiveness of the position. Commercial flights into and out of Warsaw have been tracked from Kaliningrad for the past three weeks setting up a nervous situation for everyone. Yesterday, amid a NATO cyber warfare drill, a Russian junior officer sent a salvo into a LOT flight with 139 souls on board. The explosion rocked the world and NATO had enough of the denial bubble. Tonight, you are to lead the attack to destroy the Kaliningrad position so Polish troops can simply occupy the Russian oblast in the morning. This will be relatively easy. The remainder of NATO is positioning to discourage a Russian response elsewhere in Europe and the Middle East. NATO balanced forces accordingly.

Download “Disproportional_Response_2017B2.7z” Disproportional_Response_2017B2.7z – Downloaded 202 times – 279 KB

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Crimea River 2016 bye Kitchens Sink

Scenario by Kitchens Sink on warfaresims forums:

Time for me to put this one out for feedback, I’ve been looking at it for too long. Victory Condition Scoring has not been changed from default value, so input on that also would be welcomed:

Crimea River-2016

The winter of 2015 was a brutal one for the people of Crimea. Due to the collapse in oil prices and continued economic sanctions by the West, the Russian Federation economy was in shambles. Food and fuel shortages in Crimea were widespread, and the Unemployment Rate was over 40%. It became apparent to many in Crimea that re-joining the Russian Federation was not the utopia they dreamed of (and voted for).

In January 2016 dissatisfaction turned to uprising. The first Crimean rebellion started in the city of Kerch. Spetnaz Special Forces units brutally put down the uprising, killing approximately 150 unarmed protesters. Mass protests quickly spread to other parts of Crimea and ended in the same way; with the Speznatz. Vocal leaders of the opposition simply disappeared.

Western Powers and NATO were undecided on what action to take. The Crimean people had “made their own bed” hadn’t they? But the brutality and killing were difficult to stomach. The United Nations could not get any type of Referendum through the Security Council due to the veto power of Russia and China. A purely diplomatic solution seemed unlikely, and there was little international support for military action.

Then, in early February 2016, a CNN News camera crew secretly took footage of troops with no insignia placing bodies in a mass grave at a desolate area outside of the City of Simferopol. It was determined that the mass grave contained the bodies of Crimean dissident leaders, along with their families. When the footage aired on the CNN broadcast network, the political and military situation changed dramatically.

NATO is going to take action. The United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, and (to a limited extent) Turkey are planning a large strike on Russian military assets in Crimea. It was hoped that a large enough strike by so many NATO Member Nations would send a clear message to Russia that the continued annexation of Crimea was no longer in their best interest.

Two U.S Carrier Strike Groups have combined into a powerful Carrier Battle Group designated Task Force 60, under command of the US 6th Fleet. The multi-national Standing NATO Maritime Force Group 2 (SNMFG2) has been reinforced and will act as a screening group for TF 60. Three NATO front-line submarines are on patrol in the Med, and NATO Airbases have been reinforced with front-line fighters, bombers, and ASW patrol aircraft.

Russia has not been caught flat-footed, and a formidable Russian force is squared off against NATO. Russia had been re-establishing it’s 5th Med Squadron and it has now left it’s base in Tartus, Syria and joined with the Battle Cruiser Admiral Nakhimov and carrier Admiral Kunetsov which recently passed through the Suez Canal into the Eastern Med. Major units of the Baltic Fleet have left Sevastopol with it’s Flagship Slava-class cruiser Moskva. Several Russian diesel electric and nuclear attack submarines are thougth to be operating in the Eastern Med. Russian airfields in and around Crimea have been reinforced with fighters and bombers, and Russian land-based air defense systems have also been upgraded.

The NATO codename has been generated: OPERATION BALTIC JUSTICE, and the authorization has been given to proceed.

Download “Crimea_River_2016.7z” Crimea_River_2016.7z – Downloaded 218 times – 744 KB

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Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish – 1964 by cf_dallas

Scenario by cf_dallas in warfaresims forums:

I started out writing a simple “hey, let’s use a B-58 somewhere” scenario… and as usual with my efforts, it got very out of hand. 🙂
As always, comments/feedback are welcome.

It’s a fairly large file, there are a lot of dumb units. I tried to make it as processor-friendly as possible by putting a lot of the “targets” on sides that are set to Blind. There’s also few (possibly zero) “Unit Enters Area” or “Unit Remains in Area” triggers. It runs fairly smoothly on my machine, and it’s no top-end setup.

20 July 1964

Though the Cuban Missile Crisis ended with the Soviets backing down, the saber-rattling has not stopped. Both the Soviet Union and United States are maintaining round-the-clock airborne bomber alerts, and frequent encounters between the two superpowers Air Force and Navy units have kept tensions high.

Into this maelstrom of hostility has stepped Fidel Castro. A Cuban patrol boat sank two US Coast Guard cutters in international waters yesterday, and the US has decided to retaliate with a series of punitive air strikes using Tactical Air Command units based in Florida. Availability of strategic assets is very limited due to ongoing tensions with the USSR.

You never know though… these things have a way of spiraling out of control.

Total Units: >500 combatant units; 122 aircraft in player control
Scenario Time: 10 hours 

Download “Dont_Start_What_You_Cant_Finish_1964_release1.7z” Dont_Start_What_You_Cant_Finish_1964_release1.7z – Downloaded 215 times – 916 KB

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North Yemen Civil War 1965 Egypt v UK by Jorm

North Yemen Civil War 1965 Egypt v UK by Jorm:

This scenario explores a more active involvement by UK in the North Yemen Civil War. Often called Egypts Vietnam…

Scoring is not enabled and turn special messages on

There are some things i would have liked to do differently with SAR aircraft but dont know how

have fun and any feed back would be great

For some great immersion here are some YOUTUBE clips from the UK base at the time


RAF Khormaksar 1962 -1964

If you check out Google earth you can still see 8 Beagles parked at Al Hudaydah, i guess they are abandoned ?

Download “Aden_1965-Egypt_v_rebuild_3.7z” Aden_1965-Egypt_v_rebuild_3.7z – Downloaded 203 times – 323 KB

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Caribbean Fury 1: Hot Tamale by Gunner98

Gunner98 released new scenario Caribbean Fury 1: Hot Tamale in Warfaresims forums:

OK here is the next scenario, not really in the Northern Fury setting but parallel and in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Fury 1: Hot Tamale! Scenario Brief

This is the first scenario of a 3-5 scenario campaign. This scenario is linked to the Northern Fury Campaign and you may wish to refer to that background document to get a broader picture of the geopolitical setting. While Hot Tamale’s is the first scenario set in the Caribbean, it is happening simultaneously to Northern Fury 1: H Hour, Northern Fury 2: X-Ray Station and Northern Fury 3: Dagger to the Heart, it is not essential to play any of these scenarios prior to taking your Caribbean cruse. See the Caribbean Fury background document for further insight on the background and specific issues in the Caribbean. The key nuggets are

-The Cold War continued no thaw in relations. Germany reunified but causing friction between East & West. WP still alive and doing very well.
-Yesterday, 12 Feb 1994, the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, opened with ominous indications of trouble brewing. Soviet and Eastern Bloc countries were represented at the opening ceremonies but many of their athletes were not present at the start of the actual events this morning. The Russian Olympic village was empty and initial investigation found that many of the athletes had simply disappeared, while only a few had flown home. Norway ordered the IOC to cancel the games and evacuate the Olympic Village.
-Norway has called up its reserves, deployed forces to forward bases and has requested support from NATO. The request for support was submitted to the North Atlantic Council (NAC) 4 hours ago.
-The scenario brief is your routine 0600 Local time briefing. Game starts late afternoon Caribbean time just before 1300Hrs Zulu (Greenwich Mean Time) on 13 Feb 1994.

You’re commanding the USS John F. Kennedy CVBG on routine patrol in the Caribbean. Although homeport is Norfolk Virginia, the Battle Group has been operating out of New Orleans Louisiana for most of the past year due to the increased tensions in Central America. The air wing (CVW-7) has just completed 4 days of intense training with the Army up at Fort Hood, and you now heading to Roosevelt Roads Puerto Ricco for some ASW and ASuW work.

You still haven’t decided if you’ll take the northern route past Cuba along the Florida Strait, very tight confines but sends a message to the Cubans who’ve been getting uppity of late. Or the southern route through the Straits of Yucatan past the Cayman Islands and Jamaica and take a look at Venezuela, which has also been flexing its muscles. Either way it should be a pleasant evening with perfect Caribbean weather.

As always, very interested in your comments, criticisms or critiques.

One concern is that this one may be too big for one scenario – there is a lot going on, and perhaps it’s better in 3 smaller scenarios. I look forward to your advice.

Download “Caribbean_Fury_1_Hot_Tamale.7z” Caribbean_Fury_1_Hot_Tamale.7z – Downloaded 211 times – 2 MB

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Patton Seamount Emergency, 2020 by Mgellis

Mgellis has released Patton Seamount Emergency, 2020 scenario in Warfaresims forums:

My newest beta…

A few years in the future, fishing conflicts are becoming more common. In response to Russian fishing boats coming into conflict with American ones in the Gulf of Alaska, an American destroyer is sent to the region. Will it be a routine patrol…or something else?

As always, please let me know what you think. Any suggestions on how to make this a better, more challenging, more realistic scenario are welcome. Thanks!

Download “Patton_Seamount_Emergency_2020.7z” Patton_Seamount_Emergency_2020.7z – Downloaded 198 times – 128 KB

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Air Incident over Mageroya, 2020 by Mgellis

Mgellis released Air Incident Over Mageroya, 2020 scenario in Warfaresims forums:

A new beta…a short scenario…you have a two-ship flight of Norwegian F-16s and must prevent Norwegian airspace from being violated by Russian aircraft.

As always, please let me know what you think. Comments, suggestions, etc. on all aspects of the scenario are welcome. Thanks!

Download “Air_Incident_Over_Mageroya_2020.7z” Air_Incident_Over_Mageroya_2020.7z – Downloaded 193 times – 48 KB

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Sea of Blood by DismalPseudoscience

DismalPseudoscience released Sea of Blood scenario in warfaresim forums:

Hi all,

Please find attached a work-in-progress scenario based on the recent attack on the USS Mason near Yemen. Commanding the Mason, Nitze, and Ponce, your mission is to preserve freedom of navigation in the Red Sea.

There are still a number of features and additions I would like to add to the scenario, but the current version should be a playable baseline.

Have fun, and please let me know if you have any comments!

Download “Sea_of_Blood_v4.7z” Sea_of_Blood_v4.7z – Downloaded 169 times – 106 KB

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2nd Fleet: Sink The Boomers by Mikewritesfic

Mikewritesfic released 2nd Fleet: Sink The Boomers scenario for testing:

This is a new scenario for beta testing. It’s Scenario 2 “Sink the Boomers” from Victory Game’s 2nd Fleet game from the 80s. It’s a straightforward but long ASW exercise. The Blue player has to hunt down and kill 3 Soviet (Red) SSBNs in the Barents Sea. Both sides have maritime patrol aircraft in support and the Soviet (Red) side also has attack boats on station to run interference for the boomers.

I’m curious to see how a scenario from a board game translates to the digital realm and CMANO.

Download “SinkTheBoomers.7z” SinkTheBoomers.7z – Downloaded 205 times – 42 KB

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