Punishment Battalion by LeeHunt

Single Player mission for Armed Assault, 4-24 hour mission in guerilla warfare strategy & perseverance

A lucky break enables you to escape from the misery of the Punishment Battalions. With your new found freedom you decide to take a hand in the liberation of Sahrani

General Beria has put North Sahrani under martial law to exterminate a growing Resistance. Find and recruit the Resistance, rescue your girlfriend, destroy Beria’s regime and bases.

The player has the freedom to choose his own path and strategies to win—and your brains will count for far more than your bullets. You can recruit your own squad, complete or ignore various “subquests” and generally fight on your own terms. While there are over 60 scripts, the mission itself is not “scripted” and many players will fight the war in many different ways with different experiences. In RPG (Role Playing Game) style, the mission begins slowly and the difficulty level should increase as you progress.

Punishment Battalion requires the player to come up with various guerilla warfare strategies to defeat Beria’s overwhelmingly superior army. Your judgment on when to fight and when to run is crucial. Well planned ambushes, hit & run attacks, sniping, and coordination with allies will make the difference. Though there will be plenty of combat, there will also be gaps in the action for the player to reflect on his strategy. If you are having trouble getting started, see the final section for some tips or email me at leehunt22@hotmail.com.

Required addons: SLA Urban Warfare Troops v1.2, SLX People Pack v1.0, EditorUpdate_v102

Download “Punishment_Btn.7z” Punishment_Btn.7z – Downloaded 516 times – 20 MB

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Sabotage by CH

v1.01 Mission Summary: Infiltrate an enemy airfield and destroy your targets.

Chris Henderson (ArmA Edit)
Mr. Murrey (Armed Assault Editing Guide)
schuler (Beta test)
DaKa (Beta test)
bert (Beta test)
mathias_eichinger (Beta test)
NightJay0044 (Beta test)
savedbygrace (Beta test and flare sound)
Mandoble (Light Bulbs)
Planck (Light Bulbs)
Loyalguard (Light Bulbs)

Download “Sabotage.7z” Sabotage.7z – Downloaded 280 times – 2 MB

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Royal Commando by Lex89

After year of peace, the small island of Sahrani relives the political instability. Indeed the Comunist Match of Sahrani have created some groups of resistance from the regime. After months of guerrilla the King of Sahrani asked help to NATO. The first country that have answered to the call, was the England, that sent the Royal Commandos for help the RACS to suppress the rebellion.

-Ability to control multiple groups;
-Ability to call the artillery support;

Known Bugs
– When the team Leader dies, and the leader’s marker disappears, you must create a new Marker for use the script again.
– Display error: “size: ‘tex/’ not an array”. But you must re-select the mission and all works fine.

Special Thanks
– Bohemia Interactive
– SelectThis for creating the Multiple Command Script, and everyone that have supported him.
– MrMurray for the artillery script
– STALKERGB for his great commandos
– PUKF for the english weapons
– Smiley_Nick, Afrographx & Peloton for the Raf Chinook
– Nemesi, Zago, Linkersplit for various support like scripts, beta testing, and other.

Required addons: Royal Commando, RAF Chinook, UKF Weapon Pack

Download “RCSRoyalCommando.7z” RCSRoyalCommando.7z – Downloaded 209 times – 72 KB

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Hog’s Breath by HailStorm

Climb into the cockpit of your A-10 and buckle up for takeoff. Air traffic control is busy this morning but clearance has been approved and you are on your way to prevent an enemy convoy from fleeing with our technological secrets.

Story: conduct an Airstrike on an enemy convoy in the south Sahrani desert. Terrain: Sahrani (sara)

Special Features:
– Two Seperate difficulty Levels; Veteran difficulty won’t be a milk run!
– +60 lines of recorded dialog, using proper aviation terminology and lingo
– a level of realism and immersion not yet seen in an aircraft-related mission, including actual aerodrome procedures
– built-in contingincy plans; break your jet, and you (may) not be forced to walk home!
– it’s not a mission that forces the spamming of high-powered weapons! think tactically to complete your objectives

Download “HogsBreath_1_2.7z” HogsBreath_1_2.7z – Downloaded 273 times – 3 MB

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Greyhound by CH

Blackhawk pilots are trained to operate under the shroud of darkness with perfect precision while maintaining situational awareness. You and your crew must work together to provide security for a convoy while hovering above them along a darkened route that may have pockets of resistance.

Mission Summary:
Escort a convoy of lightly armored jeeps from Pita Airbase to Bagango.

Known bugs:
Some might think it’s a bad idea to create a mission that so heavily relies on AI driving skills, but I’ve played this mission (v0.90 – v1.00) from start to finish twenty times now, and the convoy have always found their way. There have been traffic jams, but they have been able to handle it if you just give them some time.

Chris Henderson (ArmA Edit)
Vektorboson (Drop Tutorial)
Cheetah (The basics of SQF)
Hoz, Mandoble, Kronzky (Animation Viewer)
ColonelSandersLite (Fire Template)
HailStorm (Beta Test)
savedbygrace (Beta Test)

Required addons: Queens Gambit

Download “Greyhound_by_CH_v1.01.7z” Greyhound_by_CH_v1.01.7z – Downloaded 276 times – 2 MB

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The Cleaner by Wuestenfuchs

Armed Assault Single Player Mission “The Cleaner” by Wuestenfuchs

– The order to the neutralization of the enemy is only then complete if absolutely all opponents are dead.
As a rule, this works very well. It happened, that in the city of Porto occasional at the tests
all enemies were killed apparent, but the order was not crossed off in the briefing.
A thorough search has shown that some AI units stayed at the following places:
– on the backyard of the biggest building (several business in the ground floor) besides the minaret
– on the backyard of the buildings in the square BC13 between provisional hospital and the area where are located the two silos
– on the backyards of the houses opposite the base (the houses which go parallel to the base wall)
– in a hospital tent
– in the minaret
– What everything the player to equipment needs and does not have with him, he finds on the island. Think that you are surrounded quite
alone by enemies who make the area insecure with patrols and marksmen. The playing time is depending on experience approx. 1 to 1.5 hours.
– There is 1 automatic save point. Therefore it makes sense to save the game progress occasionally manually.
Otherwise frustration could adapt.

The first mission which I have ever made and published was a mission for Operation Flashpoint. The name of this mission was “The Cleaner” (approx. 2002). Into this the player must clean completely the russian enemy on the airfield of Malden, in the role of a US-BlackOp. Because this is possibly the last mission, I still publish now anyway after a long break, unfortunately only after the end of Mapfact and because the action and the game principle are similar, I have given her the same title as my first mission.

Required addons: VDV Units Version 1.2 by Studio Alpha, RHS Weapons (contained in VDV Addon), GAZ 2330 Tigr Version 0.7 beta by datakill.

Download “TheCleaner_final.7z” TheCleaner_final.7z – Downloaded 225 times – 179 KB

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