High Value Package

An LRS platoon escorts a high value double spy back for debrief. The team is further enhanced with two sniper teams, a MMG team and two (2) HMG Humvees. The unit is stationed in a small village behind lines waiting for extraction when they are told that sections of a Russian Motor Rifle Battalion will be upon them in the next few minutes presumably intending to strike a double blow: Kill the spy and exterminate an elite US unit. The only AT assets available are some launchers in the Humvees. Use them wisely. The best the HQ can do to help is to send 2 Apaches estimated to be available after 15 minutes. Try not to loose more than 40% of the LRS platoon and keep the spy alive.

1) The spy is represented by the UKR Air Controller
2) To be played as Blue vs AI only
3) Best played in Real Time

by Euri

Download “High_Value_Package.7z” High_Value_Package.7z – Downloaded 491 times – 863 KB

Source The Scenario Depot III

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