AD Night Jump

The war everyone feared has finally come. Russian tank units are flooding into Ukraine, and the combined UKR and NATO forces in Europe are not enough to stop them. The best NATO generals can do is stem the tide until armored divisions from the US can arrive on the continent. The XVIII Airborne Corps is dropped all over Ukraine in a desperate attempt to stop the Russians wherever they can. Your division, the 82nd Airborne, is dropped near Kherson to help defend the southern route to Odessa.

Your battalion’s objective is a large grain elevator, a veritable mountain in the flat sea of steppe, able to observe critical avenues of approach for miles. The infantry company you command has its DZs closest to this objective and as you exit the plane into the cold night sky, the angry tracers racing up at you from the buildings surrounding the grain elevator reveals the enemy has gotten there first… BLUFOR vs AI only.

by SeinfeldRules

Download “AD_Night_Jump.7z” AD_Night_Jump.7z – Downloaded 378 times – 461 KB

Source The Scenario Depot III

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