AD Bradley Speed Bump

The invasion of Ukraine has kicked off, and our tanks are rolling across the countryside. The American and Ukrainian forces were not enough to stop the Russian advance, and have been scattered into many individual groups, all seeking to delay us in whatever way they can. As the commander of your Russian Brigade Tactical Group’s lead reconnaissance element, you are responsible for locating these NATO forces and either bypassing or destroying them.

As your brigade pushes to Kiev, your patrol’s lead vehicle is stopped by sympathetic locals, just east of a large orchard. They hurriedly explain that an American platoon with a tracked vehicle in support have established a position overlooking your brigade’s main avenue of advance. The only way the main body can continue down this road unhindered is for you to dig the Americans out of their delaying position, located just west of the orchard.

REDFOR vs AI only.

By SeinfeldRules

Download “AD_Bradley_Speedbump.7z” AD_Bradley_Speedbump.7z – Downloaded 251 times – 549 KB

Source The Scenario Depot III

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