The Mountains of Allah: Operation Scepter

The Mountains of Allah: Operation Scepter is a CMBS Campaign depicting a hypothetical incursion into Chechnya by Russian military forces to find and locate a Islamic Warlord named Abukhan Zakayen and his militant forces that have been launching attacks into the Russian homeland. In the campaign you are in command of elements of 58th Army stationed in the North Caucasus District. Your force consists of:

1 Bn 20th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade (Core Unit)
2 Bn 20th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade (Core Unit)
22nd Spetsnaz Brigade (Core Unit)
1 Bn 108th Guards AA SLT Regiment (Airborne VDV) (Core Unit)
2 Bn 108th Guards AA SLT Regiment (Airborne VDV) (Core Unit)

Other Units Featured During the Campaign:

19th Motor Rifle Brigade
33rd Mountain Recon Brigade

The Enemy Forces:

The Wolves of Islam: Commander Abukhan Zakayen
The Lecha (Falcon) Brigade
The Makkahl (Black Kite) Brigade
The Azyru (Eagle) Brigade

The campaign consists of 9 battles and features offensive, defensive and special operations missions. It takes place in January 2017 and features the excellent Winter Modification Mod designed by the WMT for CMRT but that works seemlessly in CMBS. I have included my own additional modifications of winter effects for all vehicles and troops in the campaign for immersiveness.

The Chechens are featured using Blimy’s excellent Seperatists Mod under the Ukranian Digital Cammo slot to give them a militant feel. I added some winter effects to them also for immersiveness.

The maps are all my creations with the exception of two heavily modified quick battle maps. Some are based on actual places and some are fictional.

The actions depicted here are all hypothetical, though they are based on some real world data.

In Chechen society many names and titles are based on their respect for nature and its wildlife. Thats why I used actual Chechen Muslim names for the miltary formations used in this campaign.

Be sure to read the Designer Notes at the Campaign beginning to understand the background that leads to the conflict. Its a bit lengthy but has some interesting real world data that leads into the storyline.


Michael (dragonwynn)

Download “The_Mountains_of_Allah_v2.0.7z” The_Mountains_of_Allah_v2.0.7z – Downloaded 788 times – 11 MB

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