Barkmann’s Corner Revisited

I decided to re-create the battle of Barkmann’s Corner using some of the correct pieces since the Commonwealth module had come out but never got around to it since recently.

I first want to thank “Jaws” for making the Original outstanding Scenario “Barkmann’s Corner”, it alone helped motivate me to re-create battles that are hopefully just as enjoyable.
I also want to thank the Battlefront Community forums, and to the Scenario Depot. Just a great group of people that really are a wealth of information and technical skills.

I also have to give credit to the Axis History Forum, in which I credit it as helping me create this scenario. There I gathered a lot more information in one place then a lot of my books, thanks to the likes of Michael Kenny, RichTO90, & Cannonade.

Also to sites like Achtung Panzer and a few books on the shelf.

Spoiler Alert:

NOTE: In this Scenario I have Barkmann starting on the Right hand side of the road. I had read somewhere, cant remember the source, but it would have been a tactic used as the unsuspecting vehicles would have not seen Barkmann’s Panther initially. Having been on the right hand side Barkmann would have also most likely seen the tanks traversing through the fields to his left as well. This obviously is all hypothetical however I think I have tried to recreate another exciting scenario for the most part.

Download “Barkmanns-Corner-revisited.7z” Barkmanns-Corner-revisited.7z – Downloaded 328 times – 567 KB

Source The Proving Grounds II

Duel in the Mist v2.0

Thank you to all playtesters for their help with the previous versions. A much updated version of “H2H Duel in the Mist” geared towards singleplayer. US v AI only.

Changes reflect more accurate topography and historical units present. This is not a difficult mission, but rather one that puts stresses force preservation. The American commander can almost certainly win the scenario, but must do so at acceptable cost.

Map Dimensions: 3200m x 3008m

Date: September 20th, 1944

Weather: Light Fog (visibility 700m)

Ground: Damp

Type: Allied attack

Size: Huge (Battalion (+))

Time: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes

Download “Duel-in-the-Mist-2.0.7z” Duel-in-the-Mist-2.0.7z – Downloaded 340 times – 690 KB

Source The Proving Grounds II

TWC Tigers Attack at Tripsrath

When “C” Company of the 1st Worcesters secured Tripsrath in November 1944, they watched as Germans formed up and launched their usual counter-attack on neighbouring Rischden instead. “B” Company was left to face Tigers.

The battle of Geilenkirchen in November 1944 was notable for a number of reasons. It marked the first time troops of the British Army fought on German soil during the Second World War. It also represented a unique moment of co-operation, as the junction of the British and American forces in Northwest Europe was in the vicinity of the small city. In order to take Geilenkirchen, the 43rd (Wessex) Division and the U.S. 84th Infantry Division both attacked side by side deeper into the Siegfried Line.

North of Geilenkirchen, elements of the 1st Battalion, The Worcestershire Regiment managed to secure the village of Tripsrath. Heavy rains and mud prevented the supply of everything from food to anti-tank weapons. “C” Company repelled a counter-attack by the 15th Panzer Division during the morning of 19 November. At 11:00hrs, “C” Company watched grimly as infantry formed up in the woods to the west for another assault, with heavy tanks and self-propelled guns for support. To the amazement of “C” Company, the Germans proceeded at speed down the main road past their positions, making their way towards the positions of “B” Company in nearby Rischden. Tripsrath was temporarily cut off, but there was an opportunity to split the German counter-attack in two – if the right weapons could be found to deal with the enemy tanks.

Map size: 928 x 1280m

Game length 50

British force size: Two companies (reinforced).

Terrain type: rural

Weather and Environmental conditions: Rain, muddy.

Designed for play as British vs. AI, may be suitable for H2H. A couple of AI plans provided for the German side, and briefings provided for both sides. Feedback welcome. Designer’s notes included in scenario file.

Download “TWC-Tigers-Attack-at-Tripsrath.7z” TWC-Tigers-Attack-at-Tripsrath.7z – Downloaded 272 times – 808 KB

Source The Scenario Depot III

TWC Counterattack at Moerkerke

On 13 September 1944, The Algonquin Regiment stormed the Leopold Canal and began erecting a Bailey Bridge. Can you crush the bridgehead and save the 15th Army?

The second crossing of the Leopold Canal was made on 6 October 1944 behind a wave of Wasp flamethrowers. The far bank was gained with light losses.

This scenario depicts the first crossing, three weeks earlier.

The Algonquin Regiment, one of three infantry battalions of the the 4th Canadian (Armoured) Division’s 10th Infantry Brigade, sent all four rifle companies across the Leopold Canal on the night of 13-14 September 1944. Crossing at Moerkerke, where the Leopold ran in tandem with the Canal de Dérivation de la Lys, the storm boats were plagued by navigation errors and 20mm German gunfire. All four assault companies managed to carve out a bridgehead on the far bank, but it was smaller than anticipated, and the flooded terrain that was supposed to protect one flank was found to be dry.

Both sides exchanged shell and mortar fire as the obligatory German counter-attacks began. The safety of the entire German 15th Army was at risk, as their path of retreat to the safety of Scheldt Fortress North was in danger of being cut off if the Allied bridgehead could be expanded.

This solo mission puts the player in command of the German forces, with orders to destroy the bridgehead, and stop Canadian engineers attempting to bridge the canals.

Map size: 1296 x 1360m
Game length: 100
German force size: Battalion
Terrain type: Dutch* Rural (town, canals)
Weather and Environmental conditions: Mist

Designed for play as German vs. AI. May also be suitable for H2H – briefing included for the Allied side, but no AI plan for German side.

Feedback welcome. Designer’s notes included in scenario file.

*Though the terrain in the editor is set to “Holland”, Moerkerke was actually just south of the Dutch-Belgian border.

Download “TWC-Counterattack-at-Moerkerke.7z” TWC-Counterattack-at-Moerkerke.7z – Downloaded 263 times – 464 KB

Source The Scenario Depot III