DayZero by Mercenary11

What is DayZero?

Inspired by ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch, DayZero puts you in the perspective of one of the few Eastern European survivors of the so-called Z-Apocalypse: a catastrophic disease outbreak that has happened about half a decade ago and led to the extinction of billions of people, of which most have resurrected to become Zombies and roam the streets of abandoned towns and villages. Over years, humanity tried to combat the disease by killing all zombies, which has greatly reduced their numbers.

Now, as the situation has become calmer, new challenges have emerged for those who are still alive…

What to expect?

Using the Heros Survive Mod and a huge collection of scripts as its base, this scenario features an unique and quite realistic singleplayer gameplay experience. There are countless things to do… from exploring abandoned survivor camps with your dog to building your own base and fighting off reckless bandits. Do whatever you like, whether it’s hunting animals and selling their meat, killing zombies in a desperate attempt to find loot or simply seeking for the perfect weapon.

It’s all possible without the need to worry about getting killed by deathmatching players just a few minutes after spawning or being shot in the head by a sniper who has been laying at the same spot for hours.

The notes you find ingame (when you open your map) contains detailed information on the situation as well as a list of tips. You always have the option to save and reload your game.

Known Bugs:
– HUD does not reload after joining (However, stats will remain the same)
– Some loot crates spawn in wrong position (not fixable)

Other Comments:
Please keep in mind that this mission was exclusively created for singleplayer. The creation of DayZero from scratch took me far beyond 60 hours up to this point and I put a lot of effort into this scenario. However, it is still in a BETA stage of development, so please do not forget to give me feedback on this mission. Thank you!

Required addons: RHS: USAF, RHS: AFRF, RHS: GREF, Heros Survive, Ryan Zombies, CUP Terrains: Core, CUP Terrains: Maps, ArmA 3 Apex

Download “DayZero_BETA.Chernarus.7z” DayZero_BETA.Chernarus.7z – Downloaded 975 times – 3 MB

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