Operation Midnight Sky by Lukyz

You’re taking role of SBS squadleader and your objective is to infiltrate enemy compound, locate any enemy intel and get out before reinforcements arrive.

Weather is randomized with every mission start so if it isn’t what you expected just reload the mission from beginning.

Every feedback no matter if its about scripting, syncing, translation, difficulty etc. is really welcome! (NEEDED!!!)
I need it for future missions and so I can edit this one to your liking.

Thanks and I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Single Player mission.
Level: Easy/Medium.
Style: Infiltration.

Music / radio chatter
Multiple Objectives

An afghan contact of ours in gave us some information about a Taliban meeting .
It is in a small village deep in enemy territory and several ranking Taliban officers will be there.

The village is about 15 klicks behind enemy lines. Afghan forces are still fighting with the Taliban on the border, so expect a lot of bodies and burned out vehicles in the village.

We do not have any intelligence on when the meeting is happening so you will be leaving ASAP. A transport is ready and waiting for you. It will take you to 8 klicks out from the target. From there you will be on foot.

Your primary objective is to sweep the village and collect intel about enemy forces, weaponry, etc. In a few days our US and Afghan allies will begin an assault to retake Kunduz City from the Taliban.

Any information you collect will help in this effort.

How you proceed is up to you but staying quiet is recommended. Remember, this is in bandit country, if you make yourself known, the Taliban will swarm you in no time

Good luck.

Download “Operation_Midnight_Sky.Kunduz.7z” Operation_Midnight_Sky.Kunduz.7z – Downloaded 570 times – 7 MB

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