The Caribou Incident by Extaz93

A Ravage coop mission for 1-4 players.

I’m proud to introduce you my first public mission released on Arma 3 (the last time i shared missions on the internet was for the first Operation Flashpoint !). I have played hundreds of hours on Ravage mod. I enjoy it really much. I think i’ve tried every published mission using that mod on steam or bis forums. I enjoyed some, i’ve been frightened sometime, but most of the time missions where just a bunch of modules put together with only a survival aspect. After playing a lot of “just survive” or “escape” missions, i wanted something else, to play with my buddies and feel something more intense in the Ravaged world. I have made 3 or 4 missions with Ravage modules before sharing this one and i hope you will love it.

You are 4 US ARMY soldiers left on Caribou Island after the White Pleague started.
You have to find your way through the island and to complete three objectives :
– Find the laptop containing secret documents about the virus (2 random spots)
– Retrieve the infected blood from patient zero in a CSAT LAB. (static spot)
– Escape with a helicopter that you’ll have to repair first (3 random spots)

– You are 4 US ARMY soldiers : you start with nice weapons, a bunch of ammos, maps, and you’re not civilians or desperate survivors like in most Ravage missions.
– Each soldier has his speciality : 1 team leader (starting with a gut knife and binoculars), 1 rifleman, 1 sniper and 1 gunner-engineer (starting with a bag and a toolkit).
– Lots of points of interest : CSAT lab, random bandits camps, CSAT roadblocks with ammos and water, old us army base where you can get hoses and vehicules, gas stations where you can get toolkits and empty cannisters…
– Random starting position for the US ARMY team
– Punishing death system : you respawn after 30 seconds at the same place without your bags, loot or weapons. You only respawn with your uniform/gear/vest and a 9mm handgun ! But your friends can loot your body just before
you respawn if they are fast enough ! Teamwork is important here.
– All types of zombies. A lot of hordes walking around.
– Vehicles wrecks presence set on medium, and a few manually placed wrecks in strategic places.
– Time acceleration set on X8 so maybe you will have to play during the night. (with zombies spawn increased).
– Lots of hostile bandits/survivors (population factor : 2)
– RHS equipment in the loot system.
– Even if you are well trained soldiers, survival system is there and important (lack of food on the island, strategic place where you can find water, radiation system on…)
– Should be FPS friendly now (most of units use caching system and i tried to put as less as static objects as i could to keep FPS high.)
– Mission needs 1-3 hours playing, depending on the way you handle it.

Known issues: (as i’m some kind of noob modder, could get some help here !)
– Briefing and tasks are not showing on the loading screen before starting mission. When you start mission, it works well, so you should take cover and read the briefing and all the notes.
– There is no popup to tell you when you have completed a task, only a hint message, but don’t worry tasks are well checked in the briefing menu.
– You can “cheat” and escape to win the mission without completing the 2 first tasks. (had a problem with condition trigger here…)

Required addons: CBA A3, Ravage 0.1.392, Cup Terrain Core and Cup Maps, RHS USAF/AFRF/GREF, Caribou Frontier

Download “The_Caribou_Incident.Caribou.7z” The_Caribou_Incident.Caribou.7z – Downloaded 324 times – 29 KB

Source bis forum topic

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