Inshallah by HeroesandvillainsOS

After a successful campaign in one of the most dangerous provinces in the world – Reshmaan Province, in the heart of Afghanistan – British intelligence has it on good authority the Taliban have regrouped and have established cells in the neighboring country of Takistan. In cooperation with the local government and town elders, the Royal Marines can expect a warm welcome. However, be advised the Taliban are actively recruiting so stay sharp as danger could lie at every turn.

This mission is designed for SP and COOP play. Although single-player play is encouraged, it should only be run in LAN or on a dedicated server. Features include:

CAS and logistical support
The full suit of ALiVE features including suicide bombers, IED’s and VBIED’s
Ambient civilian traffic
Multiple bases and outposts to choose from for respawn
Headless client support
Ambient Middle Eastern sounds (provided by AuTigerGrad)
Intelligence on dead bodies and placed in compounds around the map
The Muslim Call to Prayer (provided by Spyderblack723)
Persistence (with a dedicated server registered to ALiVE’s War Room)

As a traditional ALiVE Assymetrical Insurgency mission, the idea here is to replicate a long-term persistent campaign, going out on patrol, talking to the locals, clearing and holding towns, and destroying the enemy resources. For more insight on how to play, please read the “How to play” section in the mission briefing area. For a more in-depth analysis of what the bells and whistles of an ALiVE Insurgency entails, here is an excellent breakdown from the ALiVE wiki

Required addons: CBA, ALiVE, Spyder Addons, 3CB Weapons, 3CB Equipment, 3CB Vehicles, 3CB Units, RHS USAF, RHS AFRF, Project OPFOR, Eric J’s Taliban Units, HV Taliban (an ALIVE ORBAT faction), Burnes Ocelot Foxhound, CUP Terrains. Recommended but not required: Advanced Rappelling by Duda and ASR AI by Robalo.

Download “Inshallah.Takistan.7z” Inshallah.Takistan.7z – Downloaded 1025 times – 20 MB

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