Short Straight by Dinger

Short Straight v1.1. Ride with the AirCav into X-Ray. Destroy an enemy concentration. Ride out.

Requires SEB NAM Pack 2 addon and Ia Drang valley map. SP mission. It can work as a 6-player MP coop, but bandwidth needs to be pretty high. I recommend a high-performance machine. Helo landing sequence eats a lot of FPS, but fortunately you’re not in much danger at the time. The helo extraction sequence is messy but it works. Sorry the outro is not glorious.

SEB NAM Pack 2 Crash warning: there is a crash bug in OFP that SEB NP2 exacerbates. You may encounter such troubles — especially if you leave your group and join the main assault. Should this happen, hit ctrl-alt-delete, alt-E and enter twice. Then wait a few minutes. Just be aware of this problem — don’t change your style because of it.

Download “ShortStraight.7z” ShortStraight.7z – Downloaded 226 times – 2 MB


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