Punishment Battalion by LeeHunt

Single Player mission for Armed Assault, 4-24 hour mission in guerilla warfare strategy & perseverance

A lucky break enables you to escape from the misery of the Punishment Battalions. With your new found freedom you decide to take a hand in the liberation of Sahrani

General Beria has put North Sahrani under martial law to exterminate a growing Resistance. Find and recruit the Resistance, rescue your girlfriend, destroy Beria’s regime and bases.

The player has the freedom to choose his own path and strategies to win—and your brains will count for far more than your bullets. You can recruit your own squad, complete or ignore various “subquests” and generally fight on your own terms. While there are over 60 scripts, the mission itself is not “scripted” and many players will fight the war in many different ways with different experiences. In RPG (Role Playing Game) style, the mission begins slowly and the difficulty level should increase as you progress.

Punishment Battalion requires the player to come up with various guerilla warfare strategies to defeat Beria’s overwhelmingly superior army. Your judgment on when to fight and when to run is crucial. Well planned ambushes, hit & run attacks, sniping, and coordination with allies will make the difference. Though there will be plenty of combat, there will also be gaps in the action for the player to reflect on his strategy. If you are having trouble getting started, see the final section for some tips or email me at leehunt22@hotmail.com.

Required addons: SLA Urban Warfare Troops v1.2, SLX People Pack v1.0, EditorUpdate_v102

Download “Punishment_Btn.7z” Punishment_Btn.7z – Downloaded 496 times – 20 MB

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