Inteqam In The Wildlands by ArmaMan360

My second ever mission. The wait was long. But I assure you, it was WORTH IT..

Inteqam (Revenge) in the Wildlands is a persistent sandbox SP Wasteland mission based on the lush Bystrica with logistics, free-roaming and base building/survival elements where you, a covert OPFOR operative, were handed over to the ruthless FIA rebels towards the end of Al Inteqam (The prequel mission also available on steam workshop/drive).

The AAF, however, has surprisingly come to aid you in this time of trouble and sent in their teams spread sporadically all over the map. Seeing a chopper sent in by NATO to provide additional monitoring, AAF too have injected one of their own to balance the equation.

General Tips:
– A Base Building Factory, an empty heli and and empty tank will spawn on a random location (On destruction, all 3 of these will respawn elsewhere after a delay).
– You can recruit guerrilla units at the Rebel Camp.
– There are a total of 6 teleport poles spread throughout the map which will help you and your group members to teleport to any other pole location. Respawn-able vehicles are present near each pole.
– At regular intervals, the AAF will send in a cache which will be marked on the map and supported by a smoke grenade. It will have 3 each of random weapons, items and magazines.
– During the night, the rebels will shoot flares at random locations to pinpont your location.

Final Words of Advice:
-To make the most of your inventory, empty weapon crates can be spawned at the base building factory so that you can save some stuff in them and carry them wherever you may like. Mark useful crates locations on map for easier navigation. But be careful, if the vehicle carying the crate is destroyed, so will the crate.
-Respawn-able empty Striders are placed on undisclosed spots on the map.
-Every dead enemy group will respawn somewhere on the map after a set timer.
-All the empty vehicles are set on a “respawn to original spot” timer once they are either destroyed, or deserted for more than 500m.
-And last but not the least, you have an addaction where you can repair all nearby vehicles within a range of 50m. But it has a screen fade effect so beware of using it near enemies.

1. Wasteland in SP
2. SP Respawn
3. Logistics
4. Combined Arms (in a way)
5. Cutscenes and cool music 😉
6. And lots …and I mean Lots & Lots OF UNADULTERATED FUN..

*Hope you all enjoy this as much as I have loved making it* 😀

Special Thanks to:
Amazing people like RYDYGIER (wouldnt have been possible without your spawn codes brother), JShock (like always), Greenfist, Shuko, R3vo, Larrow (the wizard), Haleks, R3F Logistics team and the entire bis community that have supported my work till now through scripts, snippets etc.. 🙂

Required addons: CUP Terrains Complete

Download “Inteqam_in_the_Wildlands.Woodland_ACR.7z” Inteqam_in_the_Wildlands.Woodland_ACR.7z – Downloaded 366 times – 604 KB

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