Rolling Thunder (demo scenario)

This is one of the scenarios contained in the Combat Mission:Black Sea demo.

This scenario recreates a US company team attack against a Russian Forward Security Element or FSE. A Russian FSE is usually a reinforced company sent forward of the regimental axis when the threat is weak but more commonly sent ahead of a first echelon battalion or battalion operating away from the main body. Motorized rifle companies are often used in this role, even in tank units.

Both sides have a fairly ‘typical’ OOB (organisation, units and vehicles) plus supporting arms (air assets, anti-aircraft assets and artillery) for the missions they have been tasked with. As such this scenario serves as a useful introduction to commanding a modern combined arms unit at the company level.

This scenario was originally designed to be played first and foremost from the perspective of the US side against the Russian AI. It is playable head to head (H2H) but has not been playtested for balance in this regard.

There are three distinct Russian AI plans and two distinct US AI plans – thus allowing some level of re-playability.

Download “Rolling_Thunder_v1.7z” Rolling_Thunder_v1.7z – Downloaded 239 times – 1 MB

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