Northern Fury 13.1 Shoulder to Shoulder by Gunner98

OK this one might need to be broken in half or even into 3 scenarios but since the game engine can now handle scenarios of this size – can you?

It runs at about 3600 AU and is pulsing at 50-70ms with some decent A2A combat going on.

This is not complete, need to add in a few more Soviet subs & missile boats, not many events yet.

This scenario skips ahead a bit and focuses on the ‘Return to Norway’ series:

Strike Fleet Atlantic (STRIKFLTLANT) has now completed the first phase of the counter attack in the Atlantic. Fighting on Iceland continues but 2 MEF believes that they will have the island clear within the week. However, a new Soviet offensive in Norway has unhinged NATO plans for a pause between operations. In the past 72 hours’ Soviet forces in Division strength have breached the Trollheimen mountains, the last significant barrier on the approach to Oslo. With Berlin and Copenhagen in Russian hands, and the Norwegian army in tatters the North Atlantic Council (NAC) does not want a third capital city to fall. You, as Commander STRIKFLTLANT have been directed to use all of your available combat power to stop their offensive and to set up the conditions for upcoming amphibious operations in central Norway.

This scenario is playable by NATO:

You have significant force at your disposal, and initiated movement 2 days ago upon receiving direction from SHAPE to conduct this operation. By acting quickly, you hope to catch the Soviet forces off balance. You intend to hold them in the south while you attack from the west. Time however is not your friend, and the Soviets are a lot closer to Oslo than you are!

As always I look forward to your comments and critique. A new and updated background document is also included


Download “Northern_Fury_13.1_Shoulder_to_Shoulder_v1.4.7z” Northern_Fury_13.1_Shoulder_to_Shoulder_v1.4.7z – Downloaded 410 times – 2 MB

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