M.E.R.C.S. Mercenary Expendable Ruthless Covert Selfish by IndeedPete

Version: 1.03

M.E.R.C.S. is a story-driven singleplayer campaign for Arma 3, revolving around the exploits of a private military company on Altis. You assume the role of Raif Salih, a Sudanese refugee and ex-soldier, coerced into fighting alongside a mysterious, mercenary organisation. From a first person view, you will strive to escape a world of violence for private gain, where nothing but greed is sacred.

In achieving your mission objectives, you are afforded complete freedom – there are few boundaries and every decision you make entails a consequence. Through a dynamic economic system, you can purchase or sell equipment, hire new recruits, or accept contracts to gain rewards and further your own, unique narrative. On the way, you must engage and interact with an assortment of different characters, each desperate to exploit you for their own ends. Whether you embrace or betray these powers is up to you…

Story-Driven Single-Player Campaign
First / Third Person Cutscenes
Infantry / Light Vehicle / Aircraft Gameplay
Large Variety of Mission Types
Decisions have Vast Impact on Story / Current Mission
Small Side Stories within a Mission(-set)
Custom Conversation System
Custom Shop System
Custom Textures
Custom Hud Enhancements
35 Missions In Total (Hubs / Connecting Missions Included)
Mod Support for Several Weapon Packs

Supported Mods (All Mods Are Completely OPTIONAL)
The following mods are supported, use is completely optional. DO NOT start the campaign with mods, save and then continue later without using the exact same mods for obvious savegame issues. Any mod use at your own risk.
Toadie’s SmallArms and Animations for Arma3
RH M4/M16 pack
RH PDW pack
(SMA) Specialist Military Arms
EricJ Weapons Pack (Seems like this mod is buggy, description texts are sometimes wrong and it causes missing image errors.)

Credits & Thanks
Bohemia Interactive Studios for this great game!
aeroson for his get/set loadout and repetitive clean up scripts!
cobra4v320 for his HALO/parachuting scripts!
Kydoimos for cross-reading and improving some of the dialogues and texts!
mrflay for his explosion detector!
Shuko for his SHKPos script!
Surfer for his help regarding the awesome M.E.R.C.S. logo and way too many textures and images!
tpw for his ambient civilian script package!
And all the great people on the BI-Forums who helped out with answers and feedback to so many questions!

You only need to download one of these:

Addon version:

Download “MERCS_v1.03_Campaign_Addon.7z” MERCS_v1.03_Campaign_Addon.7z – Downloaded 223 times – 67 MB

PBO version:

Download “MERCS_v1.03_Campaign_PBO.7z” MERCS_v1.03_Campaign_PBO.7z – Downloaded 314 times – 68 MB

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