Burning Dawn by LCD

You and your men are low on ammo; grabbing the last ammo and weapons you have, you start planning to raid an enemy post. The plan is that, after you steal weapons, you meet with some other squads and attack the big enemy base.

– This mission uses the createunit and deletevehicle commands. if you encouter any laging in the middle of the mission it meens that your enemies are created
– If you feel that the mission is to hard, you can always save
– This is a big mission. You will need strong computer to play it. i recomment 1.2 GHz + 256MB-ram+ 32MB-ram on your video card.
– There will be lag when the CoC mines detonate
– This mission is hard – only for experts

Required Addons: SEB Nam Pack 2, Editor Upgrade

– To Tigershark, Wolfsbane and now snYpir for best editing site (www.OFPEC.com).
– To BIS and Codemaster for this great game.
– To Trance K for help in mission ideas and Design – To Macguba for helping me with the breifing (any language problem is his fault).
– To Asmodeus, Sol Fire, Kaliyuga, EX_Grunt, Chudley, Mandible, macguba,PBA12511, KevBaz, ScouseJedi, ratpack91, Hawki, Cpt. Winters (for Testing and Constructive Feedback).
– To Z.K. for Art Designing

Download “BurningDawn.7z” BurningDawn.7z – Downloaded 222 times – 97 KB

Source ofpec.com

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