Royal Commando by Lex89

After year of peace, the small island of Sahrani relives the political instability. Indeed the Comunist Match of Sahrani have created some groups of resistance from the regime. After months of guerrilla the King of Sahrani asked help to NATO. The first country that have answered to the call, was the England, that sent the Royal Commandos for help the RACS to suppress the rebellion.

-Ability to control multiple groups;
-Ability to call the artillery support;

Known Bugs
– When the team Leader dies, and the leader’s marker disappears, you must create a new Marker for use the script again.
– Display error: “size: ‘tex/’ not an array”. But you must re-select the mission and all works fine.

Special Thanks
– Bohemia Interactive
– SelectThis for creating the Multiple Command Script, and everyone that have supported him.
– MrMurray for the artillery script
– STALKERGB for his great commandos
– PUKF for the english weapons
– Smiley_Nick, Afrographx & Peloton for the Raf Chinook
– Nemesi, Zago, Linkersplit for various support like scripts, beta testing, and other.

Required addons: Royal Commando, RAF Chinook, UKF Weapon Pack

Download “RCSRoyalCommando.7z” RCSRoyalCommando.7z – Downloaded 200 times – 72 KB


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