Pilgrimage by Rydygier

Alex, freelance mercenary, is looking for the body of his brother, recently died on Altis during search of something very dangerous hid by their father. Island is in chaos after civil war, is terrorised by numerous bands of unleashed mercs and other marauders. Even worse, Alex knows only, that his brother fell at one of so numerous chapels or churches. It may be long, risky journey…

Pilgrimage is free roam, semi-randomized open whole map SP mission with optional plot to follow set on Altis.

I basically combined several well or not so well known ideas, few scripts etc into kind of semi-procedural mission adjusted for my personal taste and use. Should be liked in the first place by “lone wolves” who appreciate freedom of choice, yet want to be motivated by some certain goal and act for a reason.

This mission is highly customizable.

Gameplay dynamics is, depending on settings not very high, there are long intervals of calm journey across whole island separated by fights of various density if player choose to fight or is surprized by enemy. One gameplay may took many hours. It is designed as mod-friendly and should work fine with most FX, AI and immersion enhancers.

– whole map reasonably yet dynamically each play initially populated with enemy garrisons and patrols with few possible behavioral patterns. Nothing is spawned later, every kill counts and has meaning;
– dynamical adding of random loot to some buildings. Such buildings are, until checked, marked by 3D icon if player close enough;
– cameral plot with some small, nasty surprise;
– across whole island may be found few dozens of empty vehicles ready to use. If known to player, for easier spotting, also marked by 3D icons if close enough;
– context-sensitive jukebox playing with reasonable intervals A3’s tracks depending on situation (safe/enemy spotted by player/player spotted by enemy);
– simple caching system to keep performance on decent level despite many groups on map;
– fuel fund used for fast travelling and repairing or refueling player’s vehicle;
– kept as high as possible compatibility with mods.

Credits & Thanks
– zapat for code, that inspired some improvements of my garrisoning functions;
– torskee and Law-Giver for language corrections and some new phrases for Alex;
– Leadminer21 aka alky_lee for mission guide pdf.

Download “pilgrimage-v1-94.7z” pilgrimage-v1-94.7z – Downloaded 228 times – 18 MB

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