After The Apocalypse by Maxjoiner

Single Player Survival Horror Mission

Year 2112, to 100 years from nuclear holocaust, the few survivors are forced to live in fear. the strong radiations have genetically modified some virus, which awaken the dead, making them inhumans, transforming them into flesh-hungry beasts. But there is still a hope…

-random scenario with big destroyed City that covers the entire map
-over 4500 objects on the map
-hordes of zombies (70 units)
-New zombie animation (No addons only scripts)
-Different resistance to bullets and weapons based on zombies units
-More damage per hit to the head
-Weapons random in random locations
-objectives in random locations
-punishment for killing units friend
-Some surprise…
-and more…

The game begins with the player without any weapon or accessory. All over the map are scattered ammo-boxes containing weapons, antidotes against zombie viruses and map of the area. The first objective is to find the map, Of course in search of the map must arm themselves because the zombies try to kill to eat. If you hit or bitten by one of them will become infected, and with the passage of time will begin to have symptoms of infection, your senses become increasingly small, until, if you will not use the antidote, you will die. In the upper right side of the screen, you’ll find three new indicators:

-The number of antidotes
-The percentage of infection (when it is absent is zero)

When you find the map of the area, opening it you can search for survivors. In fact the second objective and find and rescue survivors. when you find a survivor must return to the oil platform. and do go to the upper floor of the platform, where will be safe. rescued five people Your mission will be complete!

Credits & Thanks
All the scripts are by Maxjoiner It’s not possible to modify or use
without my permission.
For information contact me on my site:

Download “After_the_Apocalypse.7z” After_the_Apocalypse.7z – Downloaded 1013 times – 10 MB


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