Supa Smashin Namtastic by JoeKidds

As a soldier in the Air Cavalry on an morning patrol, make your way to LZ X-Ray and live to fight another day.

Supa Smashin Namtastic SP or 1-12 Coop mission for the SEB Nam Pack 2 by JoeKidds

SEB Nam Pack 2 (duh)
Inquisitors NAM One One Three Addon
My Nam Enhancement pack to work which v1.3 is included in the .zip

I didnt quite know what to name it so I named it off of this mission for this old game Cannon Fodder. But Cannon Fodder was pretty cool, it was for SNES and computer, you would go around and blow up stuff. Cool Nam game.

Missions includes Briefing and Overview with custom pic and has radio messages in game and voices by me.

I recommend you play this Coop so you can change you gear to your likings and be the leader so your squad doesnt get worked!

For the outro when you win I tried to make it so it would fade out at the end but I couldnt get it to. If you know how please email me and tell me how.

It at any reason you think you cant make it you can surrender, but you still might not make it…

Any bugs or anything just contact me.

Download “namtastic_v17b.7z” namtastic_v17b.7z – Downloaded 181 times –


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