Sink the Kuznetsov by ExNusquam

Inspired by the discussion here:

I went and built the “near to Syria” scenario. This features the George Washinton CVG vs. Russian assets in Sryia. US VLS loadouts are inspired by various documents suggesting loadout optimization. Kuznetsov air group based on known production numbers and historical deployments. Bassel Al Assad air group and SAM locations are not perfect, based on the limited (and mostly Pro-Russian) open sources. I did not add a CDCM system in Syria for two reasons: a) I haven’t seen anything naming specific systems and numbers, and b) the Russians would have a pain targeting it anyway.

On load, the scenario will randomly select several things.

Offensive/Defensive Posture: This determines how the Russians have most of the MiG-29Ks and some of the Su-35s loaded. If they are Offensive, they will be loaded for ASuW work against the carrier. If they are Defensive, they will be loaded for AAW and there will be an additional CAP on station. A dialog box will let you know what has been selected.

Strikes In Syria: The scenario will extend the No-Navigation zone to cover all of Syria if you are not authorized to strike Russian assets in Syria (for reasons or whatever).

The scenario will end 18 hours after hostilities start. I figure the Russians would threaten to escalate to the Baltics pretty quick, and therefore the US probably attempt to de-escalate quickly.

Test out those strategies! Feedback is always welcome.

Download “SinktheKuznetsov.7z” SinktheKuznetsov.7z – Downloaded 547 times – 145 KB

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