Hog’s Breath by HailStorm

Climb into the cockpit of your A-10 and buckle up for takeoff. Air traffic control is busy this morning but clearance has been approved and you are on your way to prevent an enemy convoy from fleeing with our technological secrets.

Story: conduct an Airstrike on an enemy convoy in the south Sahrani desert. Terrain: Sahrani (sara)

Special Features:
– Two Seperate difficulty Levels; Veteran difficulty won’t be a milk run!
– +60 lines of recorded dialog, using proper aviation terminology and lingo
– a level of realism and immersion not yet seen in an aircraft-related mission, including actual aerodrome procedures
– built-in contingincy plans; break your jet, and you (may) not be forced to walk home!
– it’s not a mission that forces the spamming of high-powered weapons! think tactically to complete your objectives

Download “HogsBreath_1_2.7z” HogsBreath_1_2.7z – Downloaded 265 times – 3 MB

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