Zero by Clayman

Based on the events in “Eagle Wing“. Nikolay Zverev finds himself in a different world. Hiding in a bunker with only three of his comrades still alive. After four weeks with no sign of life from the outside, the men decide to try to find a way back home. None of them knows that their journey will be much longer and harder than they expect… Find yourself through a post-apocalyptic world where nothing is like it seems… or is it?

Fight against a superior enemy, struggle with constant lack of men and equipment and take a look into the darkest depths of the human soul.

Special Notes:

I’d consider this as a rather tough mission. Your constant inferiority is part of the plot. If you’re looking for quick, simple action, this is definitely not the right mission for you. Be prepared for long walks and a lot of scavenging. This is a long, story-driven mission that offers you an unique atmosphere, but also demands some patience, thinking and tactics. It contains strong language and sarcasm not suited for people who get offended easily. You will need to use your head to get the point…

Mission related:

The main characters, Nikolay, Boris and Igor, must stay alive at all costs. Once one of them is dead the mission is lost. While there is a teamswitch option, it is not meant to give you unlimited lives. Also you can’t simply leave the men in a safe spot (e.g. main base), as they must be present for certain events to trigger.

All units under your command (own group and High Command groups) gain experience over time, depending on their actions. The longer a unit is in combat, the better it will become. Take care of your men and don’t waste them.

Whenever you’re in the main base, you have access to the group and equipment management system. With this, you can manage the units of your own group, recruit other units and add them to either your own group or create High Command groups.

You can also manage the equipment of all units under your command.

You can find a fuel canister located in the main base (near the weapon cache). You can use it to siphon fuel from empty vehicles. In addition, whenever you approach an vehicle, you’ll have an option to transfer weapons and equipment between vehicles and / or ammocrates via a graphical interface. Of course vehicles must be unlocked for this to work; locked vehicles can be unlocked with the correct “key”.

As of request, there now is an option to wait at the main base for up to 24 hours. While the nighttime setting was meant to be part of the challenge, it’s now up to you if you want to play during daytime. However, keep in mind that the enemy suffers the same lack of night vision equipment as you do, so it might be not that much of an advantage to play during daytime. Your choice.

There is an unlimited savegame option in the main base. It’s up to you if you use it or not.

Depending on your progress so far, you’ll have up to three additional High Command groups assigned for the final attack on the airport. Empty High Command groups will be removed after a while.

Next to some random events, which might or might not occur, there are eight hidden sidetasks as well as several small “bonuses” to be found. As the name implies, these are hidden throughout Chernarus, no map markers or other hints lead to them. You’ll have to find them on your own. Some of these offer very special rewards, like equipment that can’t be obtained otherwise. So remember to always keep your eyes open while traveling through Chernarus.

Download “CLAY_ZeroV155.7z” CLAY_ZeroV155.7z – Downloaded 383 times – 4 MB


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