The Longest Battle by Gunner98

Here is an experiment in long scenarios – and unfortunately Scenario creep got the better of me. In a nutshell, you are in charge of convoy operations in the North and to a much lesser extent South Atlantic. You have significant forces at your disposal but also some rather unique challenges. A few points:
• I was not intending to build this scenario, simply use the story as background for the rest of the campaign. Now that I have, I think it works
• The scenario 38 days long and probably the closest to WITP-AE that I’ve seen. Its not for the faint of heart
• The game seems to run smoothly with it, AU count is about 2800, at one point the Pathfinder que had 27 paths being worked, and I was getting between 2-600ms on 30x time compression – not bad!
• There are two pre-amble Caribbean Fury scenarios that are only in outline form. When I saw Feltan’s Havana Daydreaming, I put them aside. Couldn’t compete. But I’ll have to build them now to complete the story.
• There are a lot of unique units and moving parts, some might say – ‘but that unit disbanded in 91 and this is 94!’ Remember that this is an alternate history and it started diverging from reality in 89 and to a greater extent in 91. Sit back and enjoy trying to merge F-18s, F-4s and A-4s into a coordinated attack :-0
• The scenario is not finished. Things that will be improved:
o Changeable weather
o Currently the game checks for random spawning every hour, have requested a change to the trigger that would extend that. So many of the spawns have only a 2-4% chance of actually triggering.
o Ammo fixed at the piers, it’s a bit hit & miss at the moment
o Argentina will be more of a problem
o Nigeria is going to be a PITA
o More direction and challenge with Cuba
o There will be a few more surprises for Gt’moe and the Panama Canal zone
o Daily sitreps
o The AO/AOR fleet passing through from time to time to lend a hand and need protection
o Damaged ships from the fight around Iceland and Norway coming through needing protection and docking space
o Spawning Soviet subs: there are almost 50 of them out there but I suspect that they will be attrited quite quickly so will need to re-spawn some of them.

I look forward to your comments and critiques. Enjoy.

Download “Northern_Fury_12.6_The_Longest_Battle_v1.2.7z” Northern_Fury_12.6_The_Longest_Battle_v1.2.7z – Downloaded 331 times – 1 MB

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