Greyhound by CH

Blackhawk pilots are trained to operate under the shroud of darkness with perfect precision while maintaining situational awareness. You and your crew must work together to provide security for a convoy while hovering above them along a darkened route that may have pockets of resistance.

Mission Summary:
Escort a convoy of lightly armored jeeps from Pita Airbase to Bagango.

Known bugs:
Some might think it’s a bad idea to create a mission that so heavily relies on AI driving skills, but I’ve played this mission (v0.90 – v1.00) from start to finish twenty times now, and the convoy have always found their way. There have been traffic jams, but they have been able to handle it if you just give them some time.

Chris Henderson (ArmA Edit)
Vektorboson (Drop Tutorial)
Cheetah (The basics of SQF)
Hoz, Mandoble, Kronzky (Animation Viewer)
ColonelSandersLite (Fire Template)
HailStorm (Beta Test)
savedbygrace (Beta Test)

Required addons: Queens Gambit

Download “Greyhound_by_CH_v1.01.7z” Greyhound_by_CH_v1.01.7z – Downloaded 265 times – 2 MB


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