Blood Oath by MilitiaSniper

“BLOOD OATH” A WHAT IF… Mini Campaign of WWII By: MilitiaSniper

This mission is based on an idea that was taken from the movie, “PATTON” and other accounts. Gen. Patton and the British wanted to re-arm the German military after the fall of Berlin. The Brits, Americans, & the Germans would fight the Russians. To push the Russians of Germany and to put an end to communism. Well here is the What If.., first mission. I will be making a first mission for the Russian side of this What If.., Mini Campaign.

I am looking for help. Just a few decent mission makers!

Required Addons:
Liberation Mod 1941 – 1945
U.S. 101st
U.S. Weapons
Winter Nogova

I would like to give thanks to the following!
CJE: For the nice island.
Vibes: For the Weapon Pack.
WWIIEC: For the 101st.
Lib. Mod 41-45: For the really nice Mod!
OFP.INFO: For being a really GREAT site that promotes the OFP Community!
Last but no least.., YOU! for giving this a try! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Sincerely, MilitiaSniper

Download “Blood_Oath.7z” Blood_Oath.7z – Downloaded 214 times – 190 KB

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