Operation Rattlesnake by Gruntage

Single player mission for Operation Flashpoint. Built and tested in version 1.96.

Fairly short mission. Can be played in both cadet and veteran mode. There are no player waypoints at all in this mission.

Background: The Russians currently hold the north of Malden, and the US have entrenched themselves in the south. The Russians have placed numerous AA defenses in the village of Houdan. Your team’s task is to eliminate them.

Features: Quite a few unique and special features were incorporated into this mission, such as a difficulty choice UI, the ability to coordinate the operation directly, as well as a UAV screen which I made myself.

Bugs/Issues: The old bugs that were caused mainly by the zodiac have been removed (because the zodiac barely plays a part in the mission now). There shouldn’t be any bugs at all, but it’s difficult to gauge what the player might run into.

Reason for making the mission: I’ve never particularly liked lengthy missions, so for the last year or so I’ve been making a selection of short missions, similar to those made by BIS. Operation Rattlesnake is the best mission I’ve made so far, and I’ve incorporated many of the special features that I’ve perfected over last few months into the mission.

Required addons: FOX2 Zodiac, SFP_Gbat, Editor Upgrade 103. Included in mission download 🙁

Download “Operation_Rattlesnake_v2.1_Final.7z” Operation_Rattlesnake_v2.1_Final.7z – Downloaded 715 times – 13 MB

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