Frigate Duel in the Scotia Sea, 2023 by Mgellis

Scenario by Mgellis

This is a small scenario that features an intelligence-gathering mission. Your real goal is to avoid combat. It also features a modified LCS as a next generation Argentine fast frigate.

Please let me know what you think. Among other things, I am curious if I am getting the Executive Officer right. At various points, he advises the player (the Captain of the Kent) on what needs to be done. Would an XO actually talk this way to his commanding officer or should I rephrase things? Any other recommendations for the way messages are set up–does it give the right information at the right time, etc.?

Download “Frigate_Duel_in_the_Scotia_Sea_2023.7z” Frigate_Duel_in_the_Scotia_Sea_2023.7z – Downloaded 260 times – 22 KB

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