The Bridge at Alfeld, 1988 by Vettim89

Based on Chapters 29-30 from Red Storm Rising. The Sovs are forcing the Liene and they mean business! Can you as Commander of a special Air Task Force knock the bridges down and keep them down? This is a dynamic scenario where the NATO player gets reinforced as the situation grows more desperate. Oh, and yes, the Sovs will rebuild the bridges if you knock them down to don’t be happy if you are successful the first time

Featuring the 112th TFS/180th TFW Ohio ANG based at Toledo Express Airport – i.e., my home town boys. They are flying SLUFFs

Download “The_Bridge_at_Alfeld_1988.7z” The_Bridge_at_Alfeld_1988.7z – Downloaded 214 times – 92 KB

Source Warfaresims forums

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