Northern Fury 11.6 ‘Out on a Limb’ by Gunner98

OK guys, this one is a little out of sequence. I’m going to wait for a while before I build the amphibious scenarios and this one takes place right after those – but about 12 days before ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’. It’s a tough one as well.

You, as Commander of the USS Eisenhower CVBG have been directed to position yourself between Norway and Iceland to ensure there is no Soviet interference with the ongoing operations to seize the Island and establish a firm base for upcoming operations.

Next on the work list is to fill in the scenarios between this one and ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’.

As always, am very interested in your comments and critiques.


Download “Northern_Fury_11.6_Out_on_a_Limb_v1.1.7z” Northern_Fury_11.6_Out_on_a_Limb_v1.1.7z – Downloaded 283 times – 532 KB

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