Fallujah’s battle – La batalla de Faluya by Djotacon

The American army has launched an offensive on the city of Fallujah. Our mission is to ensure the roads leading to the two main bridges in the city.

The route A will be taken by the troops on foot and path B by armored vehicles, strong resistance is expected.

There aerial and artillery reinforcements available to fulfill the mission.

Coop [1-24] players
Arma 3 revive
Infantry with tank support
No respawn

Required addons: CUP Terrain Core, CUP Terrain Maps, Fallujah v1.2, RHS mod, Project OPFOR mod

Download “FALUYA_BATTLE.fallujah.7z” FALUYA_BATTLE.fallujah.7z – Downloaded 179 times – 1 MB

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