Nightfall over Chernogorsk by Nanomien

This is a difficult mission that requires teamwork. The mission have no respawn, but it have ACE3 medical system and revive.

A powerful and professional military terrorist group have taken control over Chernogorsk.
Most of the city have been destroyed and civilians have fled the city. The terrorist group is now using it as main base. Earlier attempts to bring them down have failed, and our officers have been captured and held hostage. The government is desperate and this is a delicate matter.

You are tasked to rescue our officers held hostage inside the terrorist groups base.
The terrorists main base is heavily armed. Satellite imagery reveals armed vehicles, large number of armed troops, snipers, HMGs, GMGs and mortars.
They also have a huge searchlight spotting all activity in the area. It’s not possible to take that out.

As soon you are spotted, or engage the enemy, the terrorist will prepare the executions of the hostages.
Then we have 30 minutes before the first hostage is killed. After that, they will kill one hostage every 5 minutes.
At least ONE hostage must survive. Choose your strategy well. Unfortunately we don’t expect it’s possible to save them all.

A huge searchlight at the base. When detected by the searchlight, your position will be revealed and the searchlight will follow you until you can hide. Stay hidden when attacking or entering the base.
High firepower. You will have Mortars, AT and UGV. But choose your strategy well. If you are easier to detect, it means you have little time to save the hostages.
Dynamic difficulty. More players means harder mission.
Atmospheric sunset and night.

Thanks to: for getting me started with the searching flood light.
FHQ Task Tracker
Mindstorm for the counter

Required addons: ACE3, Cup Terrains

Download “Nightfall_over_Chernogorsk.Chernarus.7z” Nightfall_over_Chernogorsk.Chernarus.7z – Downloaded 168 times – 175 KB

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