Ragnarok’44 Beta

Here is an Rts (Real Time Strategy) Mission/Mode Rydygier and myself built back in 2013 for the Iron Front in Arma2CO (IFA2) conversion now ported to Iron front in Arma3 IFA3!

What is Ragnarok’44?

Ragnarok’44 is RTS mission based on Window Of Opportunity “The battle from above!” mission mode by Mondkalb, modified with his permission. Command, Build, Recruit, Capture, Incarnate, Seize & Destroy your enemy!

Command with a camera as a general pointing and clicking what and where you want your forces to go and do
Build buildings which will allow you to recruit various types of infantry, vehicles, tanks, and static weapons
Establish a logistics to gain better\faster resources, upgrade the level and skill of infantry, vehicle, and tankers, as well as increase efficiency of fuel, and ammo usage by the AI
Play as any of your forces in 1st/3rd person by incarnating into them, command a whole squad, be a lone soldier, play as a tanker, or just be a driver of a vehicle
Capture strategic points on the battlefield which will earn you points allowing you to build more forces and upgrade them
Create your own Ragnarok’44 missions on the fly, and on any map
Fight enemy AI commander (Hetman A3 (Artificial commander) that will seize strategic points, gather resources, build and deploy his own army, defend, and engage you with force

Known issues
Note this mission/mode is in beta there is still a few things need fixing, and updating, but the mission is playable, current as far as i can recall from tests these are the issues atm.

Feedback and reports welcome!
Random reenter and exist of Opel Blitz & halftrack of soldiers on player’s side when AI sense’s danger or knows of enemy close by, (this doesn’t happen all the time)
Heavy tank allocation button/function doesn’t work – (this is an upgrade in the logistics that adds Tiger to Tank factory after allocation is granted)
Very Heavy tank allocation button/function doesn’t work – (this is an upgrade in the logistics that adds King Tiger to Tank factory after allocation is granted)
Error message comes up with Tank factory sometimes
Random error messages for certain things, most are rare and also depends on map too
Enemy AI seems not aggressive enough, and or doesn’t not deploy enough forces, depends
Enemy AI soldiers not using transport trucks to be transported

To do/plans
Needs more testing and feedback of errors, issues not found yet, or better detailed feedback on current issues
test and update Hetman A3 further
draw box around units feature
squad formations
add Nebelwerfer 42 as an added static allocation (would require addon maybe, idk)
camera follow unit toggle
add more statics in general (may require addon, idk)
build trenches

Rydygier – Addons, scripting, testing building the Ragnarok’44 demo mission / Updating – thanks to a friend whom I have admired for years, and i’m sure have pestered a bit to much, more so about Ragnarok
Gunter Severloh – acquired permissions from Mondkalb in 2013, testing, ideas & feedback, editing, translation, new missions, myself for taking this a step further to IFA3 a dream come true
Mondkalb – WOO – World of Opportunity (would not be possible without WOO and Mondkalb’s original idea, and work in Arma2, thanks man!
Kju – Advice, support, & fixing various issues- thanks Kju for your help, you really accelerated this project with your skills, and solved alot of issues making it possible in Arma3/IFA3

Required addons: IFA3 Lite, CUP Terrains Core, CUP Terrains Maps, Ragnarok’44 Mod (v1.16), CBA_A3

Download “Ragnarok-44-Demo.7z” Ragnarok-44-Demo.7z – Downloaded 153 times – 3 MB

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