Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish – 1964 by cf_dallas

Scenario by cf_dallas in warfaresims forums:

I started out writing a simple “hey, let’s use a B-58 somewhere” scenario… and as usual with my efforts, it got very out of hand. 🙂
As always, comments/feedback are welcome.

It’s a fairly large file, there are a lot of dumb units. I tried to make it as processor-friendly as possible by putting a lot of the “targets” on sides that are set to Blind. There’s also few (possibly zero) “Unit Enters Area” or “Unit Remains in Area” triggers. It runs fairly smoothly on my machine, and it’s no top-end setup.

20 July 1964

Though the Cuban Missile Crisis ended with the Soviets backing down, the saber-rattling has not stopped. Both the Soviet Union and United States are maintaining round-the-clock airborne bomber alerts, and frequent encounters between the two superpowers Air Force and Navy units have kept tensions high.

Into this maelstrom of hostility has stepped Fidel Castro. A Cuban patrol boat sank two US Coast Guard cutters in international waters yesterday, and the US has decided to retaliate with a series of punitive air strikes using Tactical Air Command units based in Florida. Availability of strategic assets is very limited due to ongoing tensions with the USSR.

You never know though… these things have a way of spiraling out of control.

Total Units: >500 combatant units; 122 aircraft in player control
Scenario Time: 10 hours 

Download “Dont_Start_What_You_Cant_Finish_1964_release1.7z” Dont_Start_What_You_Cant_Finish_1964_release1.7z – Downloaded 217 times – 916 KB

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