Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost – ALiVE, SP, MP 20

The Syndikat Regime has ruled with an iron fist over the Tanoan Islands for years. Now, with the world clamoring for an end to the atrocities, British Forces have launched an invasion of the Island chain in an attempt to crush the regime and bring freedom back to the Tanoan people.

For those unfamiliar with my style…this is a long term, persistent multiplayer campaign designed to be utilized with the outstanding ALiVE war room. It is best played with a dedicated server to save progress, however you can absolutely play this campaign on your own as well and have a blast.

Some features include:
-Headless Client Support
-Zeus functionality built in
-Vehicle spawners, Troop spawners, and Virtual Arsenals
-Multiple Respawn points
-ACE interaction and vehicle repair
-IEDs, roadside bombs
-Full combat support that includes Chinook Transports, Apache CAS Choppers, and Harrier attack aircraft
-A full logistics suite to include Air drops, sling loading, troop supply columns.
-CUSTOMIZED FACTIONS: A beefed up Syndikat force that includes Tanks, APCs, Patrol Boats, Helos, and Attack Aircraft! A Tropical British Army faction that includes 3CB, CUP, Burnes, and Beazly’s British Assets combined into one fully functioning army.
-The entire suite of ALiVE features. (
-Full persistence using a dedicated server and the ALiVE War Room

Mods needed available on Steam Workshop
CUP Core
CUP Units
CUP Weapons
CUP Vehicles
Spyder Addons
*ACE CUP Compatibility Vehicles
*ACE CUP Compatibility Weapons

*Not required but highly recommended since ACE is utilized

Mods needed that are NOT available on Steam Workshop are listed below. Custom Faction Configs (Note: These can be used in Non-ALiVE missions as well)
Tropical Climate British Forces
Syndikat Army
3CB BAF Units
3CB BAF Weapons
3CB BAF Equipment
3CB BAF Vehicles
Beazly’s MAN Truck Retextures

Download “Paradise_Lost.7z” Paradise_Lost.7z – Downloaded 187 times – 492 KB

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