PA Insurgency, ACE, MP, COOP/PVP 46

Today I present to you a mission I have worked on for nearly a year, PA Insurgency.

The mission takes full inspiration of the insurgency missions you should be familiar with, but is yet a little different.

This mission requires ACE3 and CBA_A3.

Islands included in the mission pack:
– Altis
– Tanoa
– Takistan
– Zargabad
– Fallujah

To explain the mission in short:
– AI spawn around randomly selected locations on the map
– AI fortifies houses and patrols
– AI reinforcements
– Player controlled enemies
– Killed enemies drop intel for weapons cache locations
– Fully clearing a location of enemies will clear the map marker and prevent player enemies from spawning there
– Destroying two caches ‘resets’ the mission, selecting new locations for AI to occupy

The mission also features:
– AI caching for improved performance
– Cleanup script
– Vehicle service script
– Headless client support
– JIP support
– A mobile HQ to drive around and deploy
– Vehicle respawns
– TOD & Weather settings

The mission also supports usage of the addons below. Islands: CUP terrains and Fallujah. Gear: Custom loadouts must be selected in the slotting screen’s mission parameters. To use any addons you must at least install these four: RHS, HLC, K_MNP, PsyLandRover.

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