Task Force Spartan Resolve by Imperial Grunt

The first US Army conventional unit to deploy to counter the Russian invasion is the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, the famous “Sky Soldiers” based in Vicenza, Italy. The deployment of the 173rd Airborne (as Task Force Spartan Resolve) is conducted with the high hope that they will be the keystone of a physical “red line” that the Russian High Command will not dare to cross in central Ukraine. This campaign centers around the actions of “Attack” Company, 1-503rd Airborne, as they are rushed to the critical Cherkasy Area of Operations (AO) to reinforce the Ukrainian 30th Mechanized Brigade.

This is the third (and final!) version of this campaign. Corrections were made to the scoring in some of the scenarios, as well as updated AI plans.

Download “Task-Force-Spartan-Resolve-v3.7z” Task-Force-Spartan-Resolve-v3.7z – Downloaded 366 times – 6 MB

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The Longest Battle by Gunner98

Here is an experiment in long scenarios – and unfortunately Scenario creep got the better of me. In a nutshell, you are in charge of convoy operations in the North and to a much lesser extent South Atlantic. You have significant forces at your disposal but also some rather unique challenges. A few points:
• I was not intending to build this scenario, simply use the story as background for the rest of the campaign. Now that I have, I think it works
• The scenario 38 days long and probably the closest to WITP-AE that I’ve seen. Its not for the faint of heart
• The game seems to run smoothly with it, AU count is about 2800, at one point the Pathfinder que had 27 paths being worked, and I was getting between 2-600ms on 30x time compression – not bad!
• There are two pre-amble Caribbean Fury scenarios that are only in outline form. When I saw Feltan’s Havana Daydreaming, I put them aside. Couldn’t compete. But I’ll have to build them now to complete the story.
• There are a lot of unique units and moving parts, some might say – ‘but that unit disbanded in 91 and this is 94!’ Remember that this is an alternate history and it started diverging from reality in 89 and to a greater extent in 91. Sit back and enjoy trying to merge F-18s, F-4s and A-4s into a coordinated attack :-0
• The scenario is not finished. Things that will be improved:
o Changeable weather
o Currently the game checks for random spawning every hour, have requested a change to the trigger that would extend that. So many of the spawns have only a 2-4% chance of actually triggering.
o Ammo fixed at the piers, it’s a bit hit & miss at the moment
o Argentina will be more of a problem
o Nigeria is going to be a PITA
o More direction and challenge with Cuba
o There will be a few more surprises for Gt’moe and the Panama Canal zone
o Daily sitreps
o The AO/AOR fleet passing through from time to time to lend a hand and need protection
o Damaged ships from the fight around Iceland and Norway coming through needing protection and docking space
o Spawning Soviet subs: there are almost 50 of them out there but I suspect that they will be attrited quite quickly so will need to re-spawn some of them.

I look forward to your comments and critiques. Enjoy.

Download “Northern_Fury_12.6_The_Longest_Battle_v1.2.7z” Northern_Fury_12.6_The_Longest_Battle_v1.2.7z – Downloaded 350 times – 1 MB

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Zero by Clayman

Based on the events in “Eagle Wing“. Nikolay Zverev finds himself in a different world. Hiding in a bunker with only three of his comrades still alive. After four weeks with no sign of life from the outside, the men decide to try to find a way back home. None of them knows that their journey will be much longer and harder than they expect… Find yourself through a post-apocalyptic world where nothing is like it seems… or is it?

Fight against a superior enemy, struggle with constant lack of men and equipment and take a look into the darkest depths of the human soul.

Special Notes:

I’d consider this as a rather tough mission. Your constant inferiority is part of the plot. If you’re looking for quick, simple action, this is definitely not the right mission for you. Be prepared for long walks and a lot of scavenging. This is a long, story-driven mission that offers you an unique atmosphere, but also demands some patience, thinking and tactics. It contains strong language and sarcasm not suited for people who get offended easily. You will need to use your head to get the point…

Mission related:

The main characters, Nikolay, Boris and Igor, must stay alive at all costs. Once one of them is dead the mission is lost. While there is a teamswitch option, it is not meant to give you unlimited lives. Also you can’t simply leave the men in a safe spot (e.g. main base), as they must be present for certain events to trigger.

All units under your command (own group and High Command groups) gain experience over time, depending on their actions. The longer a unit is in combat, the better it will become. Take care of your men and don’t waste them.

Whenever you’re in the main base, you have access to the group and equipment management system. With this, you can manage the units of your own group, recruit other units and add them to either your own group or create High Command groups.

You can also manage the equipment of all units under your command.

You can find a fuel canister located in the main base (near the weapon cache). You can use it to siphon fuel from empty vehicles. In addition, whenever you approach an vehicle, you’ll have an option to transfer weapons and equipment between vehicles and / or ammocrates via a graphical interface. Of course vehicles must be unlocked for this to work; locked vehicles can be unlocked with the correct “key”.

As of request, there now is an option to wait at the main base for up to 24 hours. While the nighttime setting was meant to be part of the challenge, it’s now up to you if you want to play during daytime. However, keep in mind that the enemy suffers the same lack of night vision equipment as you do, so it might be not that much of an advantage to play during daytime. Your choice.

There is an unlimited savegame option in the main base. It’s up to you if you use it or not.

Depending on your progress so far, you’ll have up to three additional High Command groups assigned for the final attack on the airport. Empty High Command groups will be removed after a while.

Next to some random events, which might or might not occur, there are eight hidden sidetasks as well as several small “bonuses” to be found. As the name implies, these are hidden throughout Chernarus, no map markers or other hints lead to them. You’ll have to find them on your own. Some of these offer very special rewards, like equipment that can’t be obtained otherwise. So remember to always keep your eyes open while traveling through Chernarus.

Download “CLAY_ZeroV155.7z” CLAY_ZeroV155.7z – Downloaded 396 times – 4 MB

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Greyhound by CH

Blackhawk pilots are trained to operate under the shroud of darkness with perfect precision while maintaining situational awareness. You and your crew must work together to provide security for a convoy while hovering above them along a darkened route that may have pockets of resistance.

Mission Summary:
Escort a convoy of lightly armored jeeps from Pita Airbase to Bagango.

Known bugs:
Some might think it’s a bad idea to create a mission that so heavily relies on AI driving skills, but I’ve played this mission (v0.90 – v1.00) from start to finish twenty times now, and the convoy have always found their way. There have been traffic jams, but they have been able to handle it if you just give them some time.

Chris Henderson (ArmA Edit)
Vektorboson (Drop Tutorial)
Cheetah (The basics of SQF)
Hoz, Mandoble, Kronzky (Animation Viewer)
ColonelSandersLite (Fire Template)
HailStorm (Beta Test)
savedbygrace (Beta Test)

Required addons: Queens Gambit

Download “Greyhound_by_CH_v1.01.7z” Greyhound_by_CH_v1.01.7z – Downloaded 276 times – 2 MB

Source ofpec.com

Blood Oath by MilitiaSniper

“BLOOD OATH” A WHAT IF… Mini Campaign of WWII By: MilitiaSniper

This mission is based on an idea that was taken from the movie, “PATTON” and other accounts. Gen. Patton and the British wanted to re-arm the German military after the fall of Berlin. The Brits, Americans, & the Germans would fight the Russians. To push the Russians of Germany and to put an end to communism. Well here is the What If.., first mission. I will be making a first mission for the Russian side of this What If.., Mini Campaign.

I am looking for help. Just a few decent mission makers!

Required Addons:
Liberation Mod 1941 – 1945
U.S. 101st
U.S. Weapons
Winter Nogova

I would like to give thanks to the following!
CJE: For the nice island.
Vibes: For the Weapon Pack.
WWIIEC: For the 101st.
Lib. Mod 41-45: For the really nice Mod!
OFP.INFO: For being a really GREAT site that promotes the OFP Community!
Last but no least.., YOU! for giving this a try! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Sincerely, MilitiaSniper

Download “Blood_Oath.7z” Blood_Oath.7z – Downloaded 225 times – 190 KB

Op Minimise by Combatintman


This is a fictional but representative depiction of the hard choices and severe constraints faced by small units operating in Helmand Province Afghanistan in the early iterations of the British presence there. The map is of real terrain in the area indicated by the mapping. My motives for putting this together were, apart from paying tribute to the brave men and women who served in that dangerous place, to design a short but fun and challenging mission. It is easy to win but really you should strive for a Total Victory to do it justice. I hope you enjoy it. This scenario requires the CMSF British Forces Module.

Download “Op_MINIMISE.7z” Op_MINIMISE.7z – Downloaded 269 times – 1 MB

Source The Scenario Depot III

Frigate Duel in the Scotia Sea, 2023 by Mgellis

Scenario by Mgellis

This is a small scenario that features an intelligence-gathering mission. Your real goal is to avoid combat. It also features a modified LCS as a next generation Argentine fast frigate.

Please let me know what you think. Among other things, I am curious if I am getting the Executive Officer right. At various points, he advises the player (the Captain of the Kent) on what needs to be done. Would an XO actually talk this way to his commanding officer or should I rephrase things? Any other recommendations for the way messages are set up–does it give the right information at the right time, etc.?

Download “Frigate_Duel_in_the_Scotia_Sea_2023.7z” Frigate_Duel_in_the_Scotia_Sea_2023.7z – Downloaded 271 times – 22 KB

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BMR Insurgency by Jigsor

BMR Insurgency by Jigsor

Fully JIP, MP, Dedicated and Hosted Server compatible. Performance has been a big factor in developing this mission. It should play well on a modest server.

What is the difference from this Insurgency compared to traditional Insurgency? The primary difference is that Intel is not dropped when killing certain Insurgents. Rather, It is spawned in random buildings. Small black markers indicate Intel Locations on the map. You can choose hide the markers with lobby parameter.

Minimum Required Mods: None (Altis, Stratis and Tanoa versions).

Current supported Islands requiring Community Upgrade Project – Terrains Complete :
FSF Al Rayak
Saint Kapaulio
Stand Alone Islands:
Kunduz Afghanistan

I recommend trying default lobby parameters first then tweak from there if needed.

Download “BMR_Insurgency_v1.45.7z” BMR_Insurgency_v1.45.7z – Downloaded 322 times – 1 MB

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Panau by Reppis

Hey guys, I’m posting an old mission file with scripts here that I created some years ago for 3 player co-op LAN. I decided I’ll release it here if someone wants to check it out (if anyone still plays ArmA2).

The mission was inspired by Escape from Chernarus coop mission. Though it is not finished, there is no way to complete the mission (didn’t have time to add the final mission objectives back then) but we found great fun playing it with friends.

Feel free to modify/use the scripts/mission as your own missions. I believe the revive scripts are the only scripts I copied from someone else, everything else is written by me. There could be some optimization in the scripts but framerate-wise on server I had no problems. (I lacked the skills back then to script properly)

It does also use some addons I downloaded off armaholic but can’t remember which ones (but I believe they are partially shown in the mission.sqm file if I don’t remember wrong)

Download “Panau.lingor.7z” Panau.lingor.7z – Downloaded 270 times – 141 KB

Source bis forum topic

The Cleaner by Wuestenfuchs

Armed Assault Single Player Mission “The Cleaner” by Wuestenfuchs

– The order to the neutralization of the enemy is only then complete if absolutely all opponents are dead.
As a rule, this works very well. It happened, that in the city of Porto occasional at the tests
all enemies were killed apparent, but the order was not crossed off in the briefing.
A thorough search has shown that some AI units stayed at the following places:
– on the backyard of the biggest building (several business in the ground floor) besides the minaret
– on the backyard of the buildings in the square BC13 between provisional hospital and the area where are located the two silos
– on the backyards of the houses opposite the base (the houses which go parallel to the base wall)
– in a hospital tent
– in the minaret
– What everything the player to equipment needs and does not have with him, he finds on the island. Think that you are surrounded quite
alone by enemies who make the area insecure with patrols and marksmen. The playing time is depending on experience approx. 1 to 1.5 hours.
– There is 1 automatic save point. Therefore it makes sense to save the game progress occasionally manually.
Otherwise frustration could adapt.

The first mission which I have ever made and published was a mission for Operation Flashpoint. The name of this mission was “The Cleaner” (approx. 2002). Into this the player must clean completely the russian enemy on the airfield of Malden, in the role of a US-BlackOp. Because this is possibly the last mission, I still publish now anyway after a long break, unfortunately only after the end of Mapfact and because the action and the game principle are similar, I have given her the same title as my first mission.

Required addons: VDV Units Version 1.2 by Studio Alpha, RHS Weapons (contained in VDV Addon), GAZ 2330 Tigr Version 0.7 beta by datakill.

Download “TheCleaner_final.7z” TheCleaner_final.7z – Downloaded 225 times – 179 KB

Source armedassault.info